Your Guide to Cat6a Plenum and Riser Cable in 2023

Buying the Cat6a Plenum or Riser cable in 2023? The task is quite tricky if you are unsure what these cables are. Especially, if you are buying Cat6a ethernet cable for the first time, you will have a hard time navigating the saturated market.

If you want to get the best deals out there on your next purchase of Cat6a Cable 1000ft, keep reading. This is your ultimate guide to Cat6a plenum 1000ft and Riser cable in 2023.

Get to Know the Cat6a Ethernet Cable First

Come know what it is first. Cat6a bulk ethernet cable is produced in long lengths of 1000ft. It is used mainly in LAN networking but it finds applications almost in all kinds of buildings.

If you have an electric device, you can use this cable directly or indirectly to connect it to the internet. Now, of course, your device must be internet-enabled.

The Cat6a Cable 1000ft has 8 total conductors which are twisted in 4 pairs. The pairs help with minimizing EMI and Noise. 

The outermost sheath of the cable is known as a jacket. There are two types of jackets; plenum and riser. 

The Cat6a Cable that comes with a plenum jacket is known as Cat6a plenum 1000ft. 

And the one that comes with a riser jacket is known as Cat6a riser cable 1000ft

Let’s discuss the performance specs of this cable in the next part.

Cat6a Cable 1000ft Specs

The cable can transfer data at up to 10 GBit/s over 100 meters. It also supports a whopping 750 MHz bandwidth capacity which is ideal for high-performance LAN. 

The 10-gigabit ethernet and the voluminous bandwidth capacity of the cable are its primary specifications. And there is more to it than just these. 

For example, the signal integrity of the cable. Although the speed is quite fast, is it high-quality also? Does the cable transfer data without losing your data packets? What is the latency like? These are some of the main points that you need to know about the cable.

Signal Quality

The signal quality of the Cat6a bulk ethernet cable is quite good. You can enjoy its blazing speeds without interruption. Over long distances, the cable will maintain its performance without a problem. 


Conductors of this cable are made from pure copper and they are in certain cases shielded. This makes up for excellent latency readings. You can send and receive data without delay. The upstream and downstream however may not align if there is some error from your ISP’s end. 

Buy Cat6a Plenum 1000ft

Now, let’s discuss what you need to know about buying a Cat6a plenum 1000ft. It comes with a plenum jacket that makes it the safest among all. This jacket is also known for its high durability. In case of a fire hazard, you can expect the cable to resist catching flame and it will not emit toxic smoke. 

These are the specifications that make this cable ideal for indoor use in open spaces. Particularly, this cable is used in indoor horizontal runs where you cannot afford to have toxic smoke in fire events. 

Hence, the plenum-rated Cat6a cable is still the most popular in 2023 from a safety point of view. 

Moreover, the data transfer rate and bandwidth along with latency specs are the same as any other Cat6a cable. So, you can expect excellent performance with it. 

Cat6a Riser Cable 1000ft

The Cat6a riser cable 1000ft is more affordable than its other counterpart and offers the same specifications with only a few exceptions. 

The exceptions are the non-toxic, non-smoke-emitting characteristic of the plenum cable. Meaning, this cable does come at a cheaper price but it comes with its downsides. The downside is the propensity of the jacket to emit toxic smoke in case of a fire event. 

On the other hand, the properties of the cable are quite remarkable – just like the plenum Cat6a cable. 

Which Cat6a Ethernet Cable to Buy in 2023?

The big question remains: in 2023, which Cat6a ethernet cable should you buy and why?

Although both plenum and riser Cat6a cables are great choices, we recommend the plenum. But if your budget is a little tighter, you can go with the riser as well. 

Here are the reasons why:

First, Cat6a plenum cable 1000ft is both safe and high performing. It will ensure that you have a reliable and efficient connection that is safe as well. This cable is a bit expensive but it lasts for a very long time and you should be future-proof with it. 

And second, the Cat6a riser cable 1000ft is affordable and also offers most of the plenum cable’s specifications. Other than the non-toxic smoke feature, this cable has got everything you need to establish an unparalleled network in 2023. 


Will you now be able to buy the cost-effective, future-proof, and high-performing Bulk Cat6a ethernet cable for your LAN? If so, share this article and help out others. Happy Networking!

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