Will the Security Guard Services Ever Rule the World?

In 2020 the value of security services market was $22.45 billion and is projected to increase by 12.8% and will reach $77.01 billion in 2030. 

In the past, there were disperse security services companies, but now it has become more integrated. 

As stated by Bruce Schneier 

“Security is not a product, but a process.”

The process can never end rather it evolves. The way security services companies have evolved is observable. In the past, the role of security guards was straightforward. They were responsible for the investigation of incidents, giving advice to businesses that were exposed to crimes, and guarding shipments. Later in 1915, the state of California started giving licenses to Security Guard companies which resulted in more managed and committed companies. Now the security guards are more professional, skilled, and experienced.

 As the threat to the property of companies increased the need for security guard services has also become crucial. Have you ever imagined what if security guards were not there to protect you and your company? 

Theft and Vandalism

Security guards are a deterrent to theft and vandalism. Furthermore, If there were no security guards around us, the number of theft and vandalism cases would have been at its peak. And businesses are vulnerable to thieves and vandals. In the absence of security, the company inventory would lost or damaged. Instead of earning profit businesses would be at a complete loss. Resultantly, there would be no business around us. 

Armed Attacks

The number of criminal attacks would have been maximum if there were no gunmen present at the gate. There would be no person safe on the planet. At the workplace, people would be worry about themselves and their belongings. 

Therefore, hiring a security guard ensures the safety of people and their property. They have training and experience to handle emergencies and prevent attacks.

Out of Control Crowd

The commercial and industrial property hire security guards to control crowds. By following the rules and laws of the company, they allow people to enter or exit.

No Rules and Laws

If there were no security personnel on duty, implementing laws and order would have become impossible. Business owners would not be able to focus on their core activities. It is human nature to be reckless when there is no one in authority around you. If owners would suffer to manage security issues, when and how would they be able to plan for progress? Consequently, businesses would stop working and not grow. 

Apart from providing security and safety, you are at ease when you conduct a security team because they not only act as a deterrent to theft and vandalism but also observe to notice any little inconvenience. 

As the demand in the real estate industry increases, the consciousness of security among people is going to increase in the future. In Addition conducting corporate security services protects the business from natural disasters, terrorism, and economic, social, and political risks. Moreover, technological advancements are also bringing a positive impact and helping security agencies provide better security. To provide better security in the future, security guard agencies should train their guards as follows:

Basic Security Guard Training (BSG)

In this training security guards are trained in basic operations, basic tasks, roles, and responsibilities.

It includes:

  • Event security course: In this course, trainees learn the strategies to handle events, for 1-3 days.
  • Hospital security course: Trainees learn to manage hospital emergencies and traffic control, for two days.
  • Hotel security course: Trainees require training to handle external and internal dangers hotels face.
  • Sports facility course: For two weeks, trainees learn to protect sports and entertainment facilities.
  • Airport security (X-ray screening course): Trainees who will work at airports require training to use X-ray machines.
  • CIT course: Trainees need cash-in-transit course to transport cash.

General Security Guard Training (GSG)

GSG courses include:

  • Fitness and self-defense courses
  • Traffic management course
  • CCTV control room operator course
  • Operation Manager course

Occupational Health and Safety Course (OHS)

Occupational health and safety courses ensure the security of the workplace which is crucial for security guards. Additionally this course is exclusively for the security of people and security guards themselves and your business

It includes:

  • First Aid
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)  
  • Conflict resolution
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CSHH)
  • Infection Prevention
  • Safety Management
  • Fire prevention

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