Weight gainer shakes are supplements that help users gain weight when the regular diet fails to do so. Contrary to popular belief, weight gainer shakes are not only safe, but also effective. Many people can make up for the lack of calories through some changes in their diets. However, weight gainers are the answer for individuals who are either elite bodybuilders preparing for an event, or people with certain medical or health conditions, such as people who are unable to either consume many calories in a day or have faster metabolisms that hinder weight gain. We highlight the reasons as to why weight gainer shakes should be used in the first place.

1.   Meet Calorie Requirements

One thing we should keep in mind while discussing weight gainers is that they are not regular weight gaining supplements intended for regular people. These products target elite bodybuilders and their huge calorie requirements.

Bodybuilders competing for world class events need to meet the qualifying and winning criteria. Some competitions such as the Mr. Olympia Championship require the participants to have a certain weight and physique. This is where weight gainer shakes come in. They are packed with calories to meet the trainer’s needs and prepare him or her for the event. Weight gainers aimed especially for hard gainers have fats in them to meet their requirements.

Certain qualifying criteria for public and civil services have a minimum weight requirement. Weight gainers help applicants achieve their goal for such tests.

Different weight gainer products come with different calories in them. For example, Inner Armor Weight Gainer, available at NutroJenix, has 1250 calories in each serving, while RC King Mass has 1000 calories. This calorie count caters to different needs of different people. Aspiring weight gainers can always pick the product with an ingredient profile that suits them the best.

2.   Supply good Proteins

Weight gainers are not just bland “bad” calories. Weight gainer shakes by renowned brands and authentic manufacturers have calories derived from natural sources and a considerable amount of good proteins and BCAAs for muscle growth and recovery. BCAAs are branched chain amino acids that are exclusive in their function of muscle repair and synthesis. Weight gainers do not merely stack up on the fats in the body. They add weight to the body by enhancing muscle growth in the body.

3.   Loaded with Creatine

Creatine is present naturally in the body. It works wonders for the body’s muscles. It helps in recovering tired and fatigued muscles, and enhances regeneration of worn and torn muscles. Although it is present in the body, constant muscle fatigue in the form of daily intense workout training tends to create a dip in creatine supply. Creatine adds up to 40% muscle mass to the body when used as a supplement.

A high-quality weight gainer shake contains this miracle compound too. Strength training is an important part of putting on weight. Creatine makes the process easier by providing support to active muscles. It increases muscle endurance and reduces muscle fatigue.

4.   Presence of Variable Intake Options

Different weight gainer shakes come with different ease of use. Some weight gainers are used before a workout session while some can be taken at any time of the day. Some weight gainers work as a meal supplement. This means they work best with a balanced and high-calorie diet. On the other hand, some weight gainers are a meal replacement too. They offer higher amounts of calories and are best suited for people who find it hard to take large meals at a given time.


Weight gainer shakes have gained immense popularity in the recent days. However, with every supplement, a balanced diet and consistent workout routine is very important. Supplements are surely packed with the best ingredients, but they alone may not deliver the desired results in the prescribed time.

Always be careful to shop for weight gainers from authentic stores only. Weight gainers are products that have chances of being counterfeits or manufactured with low-quality ingredients, which can render considerable harm to your health. Always scan barcodes , placed on supplement bottles and check either the product is attested and original or not. Choose a trusted store while shopping for nutrition supplements / sports supplements, such as NutroJenix.

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