Why Is Carpenter Ants Control in Toronto Important?

Have you seen big black ants in your home? Have you seen a few of those in the kitchen or bathroom? Have you sprayed on those areas; still, these ants are keep coming back? Presumably, the carpenter ants have invaded your home in Toronto, and you need to do something about it quickly if you do not want the carpenter ants’ problem to turn the worst. Carpenter ants control in Toronto is vital if you do not want your property to get damaged, causing you loads of problems. Carpenter ants are not only unpleasant to the eyes but also messy insects.

Potential Damages on Property Caused by Carpenter Ants:-

Carpenter ants can cause additional damages to your home, besides structural damages. It is the nesting of carpenter ants that causes you trouble. The worker ants excavate galleries for the queen to keep laying eggs and young ants to develop. You can have one or more than one nest of carpenter ants in your home in Toronto. The potential damage you might suffer is dependent on how many nests are present within the structure and how long the infestation has been active. With the growing carpenter ant colony, the ants’ expansion through the wood increases, causing more damage, including water leaks around pipes in your kitchen/bathroom, short-circuiting your dishwater swarming in your kitchen, and damaging your property badly beside wooden structures.

How Is Carpenter Ant Colony Formed in Your Home?

Once the ant colony establishes in your home, it will keep on growing and damaging your property. Carpenter ants prefer moist wood or already rotted wood to make their nests. Sometimes, these ants nest in dry and healthy wood too. You can find these ants nests in wood dampened through water leaks, such as sinks, bathtubs, poorly sealed windows, door frames, poorly flashed chimneys. These ants enter homes through ducts, windows, and cable lines adjacent to tree structures, sheds, porches, and firewood stacked near your home. It would be best to look for tree branches above or in contact with your roof to make sure carpenter ants do not get access to your home, building their nest and causing you trouble. These ants’ primary nesting sites are firewood piles and wall void behind a dishwasher or a hollow porch column. 

Difference Between Termites and Carpenter Ants?

Both termites and carpenter ants invade wood and damage it; however, carpenter ants do not damage wood to feed on it; in fact, these creatures infest wood to make their nests; on the other hand, termites feed on wood and cause very severe damage to wood. If carpenter ant infestation remains unnoticed for years, it can cost homeowners problems.  Hence, it would be best if you never underestimated pest control professionals for carpenters ants control in Toronto to help you get rid of these blank ants from your home permanently. If you want to examine the difference between a termite and carpenter ant infestation, you need to examine the wood. Carpenter ants gallery can be spotted with telltale signs because they clean and polish their nests’ galleries and let the wood’s surface appear unharmed. You may even see the grass (ejected and unwanted debris of worker ants through holes in ants’ nest galleries). You will be able to see such shavings, debris, dead insects, and other debris outside of nest openings, especially around window sills, trapped in spider webs, on window ledges, or in light fixtures. On the other hand, termite damage on wood contains a large amount of soil or mud-like material, plus winged carpenter ants can easily be distinguished from termites owing to their larger size, antennae shapes, waist and wings.

Why Hiring the Professionals the Right Thing to Do?

Carpenter ants are clever pests, and they are not simple to get rid of through sprays. You may also find some DIY (Do It Yourself) remedy on the WWW (World Wide Web) to eliminate carpenter ants, but those solutions are not always effective. Why do professionals exist if getting rid of the pests is a simple task? Professionals know the safest method to exterminate carpenter ants from the property of homeowners in no time. Moreover, they will also guide you about what you can do yourself to save yourself from future infestation once they have taken care of these wooden insects for good from your home in Toronto. 


Carpenter ants infest wood to make nests in their home while ensuring they can access food and water near their nests. If the carpenter ant colony increases in your home, you do not just expect the infested wood to damage more; you should expect even more damage, like water leaks around pipes. Carpenter ants can enter your home through cooling and heating equipment ducts, windows, and cable lines nearby tree structures on your property. These ants may be wood destroyers, but they do not infest wood to feed on it like termites. Lastly, only hiring a professional for carpenter ants control in Toronto can help you get rid of these insects effectively from your home.

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