What Shoes To Wear With Sherwani?

Wearing sherwani on special occasions has become a custom in Pakistan. In the beginning, only grooms and leaders wear it. But, today, you can see boys in sherwani at different events. Choosing a suitable pair of shoes with sherwani is also essential because it enhances its looks. In this article, you will read which shoe pair fits the different sherwani styles and colors. 

1. Derby Shoes

The oldest shoe style that has been coming with our generation for a long time is Derby shoes. It consists of a smooth surface with beautifully managed laces to tighten it. It looks decent with black and brown plain sherwani. And if you want the best combination of sherwani for men Pakistani, you should visit the website of Studio by TCS.  

2. Mojari Jutti

In our ancestor’s era, it was the hubby’s fashion to wear Mojari Jutti on Barat. A groom in a beautiful sherwani looked incomplete without it. Mojari Jutti looks like a woman’s Khussa but with a curved front area. Manufacturers make the toe part in an arc shape to give it a unique look. It seems nice with all sherwani styles; anybody can wear Mojari Jutti on different days of wedding ceremonies.

3. Kolhapuri Chappal

Another oldest shoe wear option with sherwani is Kolhapuri. Those who do not feel comfortable in closed shoes must try this shoe wear with an elegant sherwani. It mostly comes in brown and black colors, and you can wear any of these colors with all sherwanis. But do not forget it should not be a part of the groom’s dressing. However, his friends, brothers, and cousins can wear Kolhapuri with beautiful sherwani for men Pakistani. 

4. Nagara Shoes

Nowadays, Nagara shoes are in trend. The groom and close relatives can also buy a decent pair of Nagara shoes to enjoy the wedding ceremony. Shoewear looks more decent without socks. Nagara shoes come in variable designs and some leather accessories on the top. When you wear it on Mehndi night, it makes you look dashing on the dance floor. 

5. Loafer Shoes

Not only Nagara shoes but Loafers are also in men’s fashion. There is an unlimited variety of loafers available in the market. You can wear them with sherwani trousers of different styles, including simple shalwar, straight pajama, choori pajama, and Patiala. Furthermore, loafers with lovely embroidery are also available on the website of Studio by TCS, and you can wear them on your big day. 

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