What is the difference between SAP Business One and SAP S4/HANA in terms of modules and pricing?

SAP is a renowned name that provides Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to businesses. This solution is extremely beneficial to streamline business operations for a range of industries. Therefore, irrespective of which industry your business is working for, SAP has an ERP solution for every requirement.

As SAP already has both Business One and S4/HANA, it can sometimes become challenging to decide on which one to choose. Both solutions are ideal for targeted organizations. SAP Business One is suitable mainly for small and medium-sized businesses, whereas S/4HANA is basically designed for enterprise-level organizations.

Feature comparison of SAP business one and S/4HANA: 

SAP S4 HANA and SAP B1 include a lot of features and functionalities that can become beneficial for organizations to achieve their tasks. With 3500 individual features in the eight major functional areas, the system helps improve the business’s functionality and operation.

  • Finance: SAP business one and S/4 HANA comes with high-end Financial management abilities. Both solutions have the capability to meet a wide range of financial management requirements of an organization.
  • Manufacturing management: SAPS/4HANA will definitely excel when it comes to the manufacturing management department. It is definitely a winner in this comparison as it offers extensive support for manufacturing facilities. Therefore, it makes sure that the production unit works according to the plan created by the company.
  • Human Resources: Both the SAPS/4 HANA and Business One have immersive HR capabilities. SAP Business One has slightly less functional features compared to the other one. However, most of the small businesses will find it easier and sufficient to use both or either of the ERP solutions.
  • Inventory Management: SAP business one and S/4 HANA both have great inventory management capabilities. However, S/4 HANA has slightly better functionality that is greatly helpful for managing huge inventory. Therefore, S/4 is mostly used by larger organizations with a vast inventory.
  • Purchasing management: There is no denying that S/4 HANA has acquired great results when it comes to purchasing capabilities. Both of the SAP solutions have the ability to meet your diverse purchase requirements. However, if you have a bigger organization, it is better if you choose S/4 HANA.
  • Sales management: Both Business One and HANA have good sales management capabilities. It helps organizations to automate the processes related to customers and orders. Thereby, it frees the sales associate so that they can close more deals.

Fundamental Difference between Business One and S/4 HANA: 

According to the user’s opinions, both SAP Business One and S/4 HANA have a huge number of positive reviews. Even when the products are similarly scored, S4HANA is slightly over the edge. After assessing all the functionality, it can be said that S4HANA is intended explicitly for bigger organizations, whereas Business One targets small and medium-sized businesses.\

So, depending on your requirements and organization size, you can choose an SAP module and enjoy its features. Choose a knowledgeable implementation partner like Cogniscient and enjoy the benefit of using an intelligent ERP solution.

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