What Are The Major Expenses Of Studying In Canada?   

Canada has always remained quite a popular and famed destination for many international students. Data from immigration authorities has shown that every year thousands of students move to Canada for higher studies. And the numbers are expected to go higher and higher with time. There are multifold reasons contributing to the popularity of Canada among students looking for higher study opportunities. The thing is that the colleges in Canada provide excellent education, research facilities, well-experienced faculty, and adequate job opportunities after graduation. Another important reason being the craze for Canada among students is that the education cost is actually more affordable than the other popular study destinations.

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In 2021, Indian students formed a gigantic portion of international students. The Canadian government provided above 2 lakh study permits to Indian students. Canada provides students to pursue degree programs at three levels. These include the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels through esteemed universities. Students can go for diploma and certificate courses that suit precise skills, careers, and professions through colleges. Let us tell you that almost three Canadian universities have managed to get entry into the Top 100 global rankings by both U.S.N. Now if you are planning to study in Canada make sure you seek an appointment with the top study visa consultants.

Go through this article to know the expenses of studying in Canada 

Application fees

Many students as well as their parents tend to ignore and overlook the application fees when budgeting and pondering over such a big decision as studying abroad. Every university or college is going to charge some fee in order to submit an application. Now talking about the application fees usually ranges from CAD 50-250 (approx INR 3000-15,000) for every application. The fees will be dependent on the university/college and the course. Candidates often apply to a few universities to boost their chances and hence this will raise the costs. You should not be applying to too many universities. Do proper research and then select at most 2 or 3. 

Common entrance tests and fees

Canadian universities  want students to prove  English proficiency by appearing for tests like the PTE or IELTS. There are other centralized tests such as GRE or GMAT for students applying for graduate-level programs. In other cases, students can also apply for the SAT for undergraduate-level programs.  Talking about the cost of these tests, well it can range from CAD 150-330 (approx INR 9000-20,000). The fees depend on the type of test.

Living Expenses

Living expenses are usually determined by the city.  However, students can expect the finances to be anywhere between CAD 12,000-16,000 (7 lakhs- 10 lakhs) a year for living expenses. Students have the option to get themselves engaged in some part-time job. This can aid them in paying for some of their living expenses, however, we advise the students to budget for a full year. Canada provides quite a beneficial and attractive post-study work program. So this enables students to easily get good employment opportunities in Canada after the completion of the courses. . These permits will be lasting for up to 3 years. The duration of the permits actually depends on the duration of the course.

Working in Canada enables students to attain experience in the field of their own choice.  Additionally, it also boosts their earning potential, assisting them to pay back student loans or manage their living expenses. Several students will be opting for permanent residency as they get Canadian experience with the help of their post-study work opportunities. This too has been a popular phenomenon in the past few years. There are a wide variety of different loan companies that could assist students and families in achieving all of this possible and turning their aspirations of going overseas a reality. However, before continuing, be completely sure that it is all transparent.

Flight cost from India to Canada

Flight tickets can be a major expense for international students who desire to pursue their studies abroad in countries like Canada. Talking about the major flights serving Canada and India include the likes of Air India, Air Canada, IndiGo, Vistara, etc. Let us inform you that the cost of direct flights from India to Canada will be around INR 1,000,000 and INR 2,000,000, depending on the season. Furthermore, the flight charges can be high if the student is going to Canada between August and September. Now if you wish to know in detail about the whole visa process and other vital information before moving to Canada you should surely book an appointment with the top Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar.

Summing it up

Studying in Canada can provide students with an enriching experience. But it is vital to be aware of all the important costs associated with studying there. Therefore the students and their parents should properly plan out a budget. That will be possible only if they have complete details about all the costs involved in the study process.

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