What Are Different Types of Flyers That Are Used For Marketing 

Out of variety of marketing tools that businesses use to gain new customers, announce sales or promotions, flyers are also an amazing tool. Traditional tri-fold brochures, leaflets, door handle advertisements, etc are a few types of flyers which are popularily used by businesses. 

Businessescan make use of one type of marketing flyer or they can choose variety of different types. The type of flyers you choose depends on variety of factors such as budget, target audience, etc. 

Different Types of Flyers Used For Marketing 

There are around 7 types of flyers which are used by business. These are mentioned here- 

  1. Marketing Flyers

Marketing flyers are the ones that are hung on the handles of doors. This is a cost-effective choice to promote the products or services of a brand. This is because everyone notices them hanging on the doorknobs. 

Marketing flyers are printed with a hole to slide them into door handles. It can hang in shopping areas, restaurants, business offices, homes, etc. Companies can go with this cost-effective option and display the right information infront of the right audience. It will put them close to their target market.

  1. Tri-fold Brochures

Next, tri-fold brochures are a type of marketing flyers which are used very popularily among businesses these days. These brochures are easy to print, are compact, and have the ability to carry great deal of information. 

Tri-fold brochures can be easily displayed on desk, reception area and can be used to share information to current customers and target customers. 

  1. Leaflets 

Leaflets are another type of flyers which are used for small advertisements. These flyers are a single fold brochure or just a single sheet of paper. Many brands prefer leaflets because of their small size and little cost. 

Leaflets can be placed on doors, car windshields, in mails, and many other places. The small size makes it more accessible and easy to spread among target audience. Businesses might hire people to pass leaflets to the potential customers. They can pass leaflets on streets, malls, and other busy areas so that material reaches as many people as possible. 

  1. Digital Flyers

Digital flyers do not require to be printed instead the design material of these flyers is saved in digital files. You can easily email this file or post it on social media platforms, websites, etc. The reach of digital flyers is quite large as compared to any other type of flyer.

If you want to get your business word out there then focus on digital flyers and their reach. You must make sure the file can be used and viewed by different computer programs. 

  1. Posters 

A poster is another type of flyer which includes graphic designs, images, bold text, infographics, icons, and much more. These types of flyers are meant to be pasted on walls for everyone to see. The flyer sizes are usually larger in this case. The major purpose of posters is to spread information to a huge audience from one place. 

Passers-by get information at a glance when they see posters on walls or other vertical surfaces. Posters are generally used to promote events, concerts, movies, etc. 

  1. Pamphlets 

The next type of flyer is pamphlets which are also famously known as leaflets. Pamphlets are loose sheets that are used for mass distribution. These are printed on normal quality paper. 

The purpose of pamphlets is to distribute information to as many people as you can. These flyers are a great tool for brand awareness and recognition. 

  1. Handbills 

Handbills are such types of flyers that have very little text on them. Handbills are printed on normal or ordinary paper. These types of flyers are used for mass distribution. Handbills can be inserted in newspapers, magazines, etc. This is a great marketing tool to reach the audience and advertise the brand. 

Businesses use handbills to promote upcoming events, sales, new movie releases, event openings, discount coupons, etc. 

What Makes Flyers So Important?

Flyers are used for a lot of different purposes. You can celebrate the opening of a new small business such as bars, clubs, restaurants, etc using a flyer. Flyers can also be used to announce events, to advertise local businesses, used as an information sheet as a part of a promotional campaign. Next, flyers can act as sheets which are handed over to people at sidelines of a conference or trade shows, etc. Flyers can be inserted in magazines, newspapers, or given as handouts. 

Here are the major advantages of using flyers for your business- 

  1. Quick Access to Information

Flyers are a simple piece of paper which provides important information to target audience. It provides necessary details they need to know about your brand and compel them to engage positively with your brand. 

People can easily read about special offers, deals from a business and interact with the brand. The flyer usually has large fonts which are easy to read and understand. You can use flyer templates with attractive colors and designs to attract your target audience. 

  1. Increase Your Reach

With flyers you can reach to a huge number of audience and build your business. As flyers can be easily distributed even standing at the roadside or at an event, everyone sees your content. They can quickly learn about your offers even at a glance. 

You can easily stick flyers at any vertical surface and thousands of people can see it daily. You can post your flyers online and reach all your digital audience as well. 

  1. Give Incentives to Customers

Flyers are one of the most effective tools to give incentives to customers rightaway. You can give coupon codes, vouchers, sales offers and much more to your target audience and get them to engage with your business. This helps to draw customers interest in an event, to generate brand awareness, or offer discounts. 

  1. Very Less Time To Prepare 

Flyers can be prepared in very less time using a flyer maker. You can create a flyer design and get it printed with in a day. Unlike other marketing materials, flyers take very less time to design and get printed. 

You can either create a flyer on your own using flyer templates. Or, you can even hire a professional designer if your budget allows. 

With flyer templates, you can create stunning designs in just a few minutes. All you need to do is, pick out your facourite template, edit it according to your brand and needs and then print. 

  1. Reduce Marketing Costs 

Flyers are a cost effective solution which helps your market and brand your business even small bsuiensses can easily afford flyers and grow. There is no large amount of money needed to print flyers. 

You can need one design and you can print as many copies you want. It is easy to get high quality printed flyers at reasonable costs when printed in large amounts. 

At last, flyers are one of the most cost effective and easy to handle marketing tools. Flyers can deliver great results and make your business grow. But, choosing the right flyer type is quite important. Keep your specific purpose in mind while picking up the type of flyer for your brand. Along with this, material of paper also matters. For marketing of luxurious products, it is best to choose shiny costly paper than cheap paper.

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