Western Digital MY Cloud EX2 wdbvbz0160jch-nesn NAS Server Review

The WD My Cloud EX2 NAS server is designed with space for two 3.5-in hard drives and is priced to contest with economic models from its rivals like Synology. The device has a great file transfer speed and is mainly simple to configure and set up to share files across your internet and home network. This post will discuss the specifications, features, and performance of the wdbvbz0160jch-nesn – WD EX2 NAS Server


Capacity16 TB
ConnectorEthernet RJ45 USB-C
InterfaceUSB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet
Dimensions (mm)154.94 x 99.0 x 171.45
CompatibilitySupported Browsers Firefox 30 or higher Safari 6 or higher Google Chrome 31 or higher    System Requirements Router for net connection Windows 8, 10, 7, or Vista OS High Sierra, macOS Mojave, El Capitan, or Mountain Lion OS
PackageInstallation guide Ethernet cable My Cloud EX2 Ultra Device Power supply

This Network Attached Storage is available with or without hard disks. Its capacity ranges from 4TB and goes all the way up to 16 Terabytes. 

Design and Architecture

Considering hard drives would cost around $300 to purchase separately from the Network Attached Storage, there is no real cost advantage to purchasing a version with pre-installed hard disks. If your disk fails, you will not lose any information, but it might be possible that you will just lose half your accessible capacity. The device is a very smart-looking network attached to storage with a smart and clean design. On the front, there is nothing but an Ethernet port and two USB3 ports on the rear. There is a quick button that opens the top of the device; you remove a bracket and use a tab to pull the disk. 

The Western Digital NAS Server almost looks similar to its previous model. At the front, we can see 3 lights for connectivity/power, bay 2 and bay 1. The matte black casing around the front and sides seamlessly gives the device a sleek and integrated feel. Also, the bottom and topsides are covered in a covering to scatter heat effortlessly.


  • Access from Anywhere

Stream, access, and save your content wherever you have a net connection with My Cloud.com or a mobile app.

  • Third-party App Support

My Cloud EX2 supports some popular apps for a user experience. Using applications such as WordPress, Dropbox, Plex, and more, you can modify and customize your server for your specific requirements.

  • Robust Data Protection

Multiple back-ups and RAID options to help defend all your vital media, pictures, and files.

  • Smooth Streaming

The device is upgraded with a Marvell ARMADA 1.3Gigahertz dual-core CPU; you will get an ultra-quick transfer speed for high-performance streaming. Also, it comes with 1 Gigabyte of DDR3 memory for the ease of its users. 

  • My Cloud OS 3

Western Digital My Cloud operating system 2 comes with a number of applications and tools to provide you with complete handling of your media. You can create a custom folder to share the content. Also, you can sync the info between all your devices so that you know your content is up-to-date. 

  • Simplified Folder and File Sharing

Simply customize how you share data by using private or public links. You can share the content to show everybody. With the help of a private link, you can provide full or limited access and can simply collaborate with anyone.

  • Auto Backup

With the WD SmartWare backup Pro software, you can modify where and when the content is saved. On the other hand, Mac users have access to Time Machine made by Apple for personalized backup. Also, you can automatically back up the data to a different My Cloud NAS gadget or any supported service.

  • WD Red NAS Drives

WD EX2 dbvbz0160jch-nesn NAS Server Ultra possesses pre-configured WD Red hard disk drives specially made for NAS servers to provide enhanced performance output within 24/7 working environments. Moreover, the EX2 Ultra is accessible in a diskless type. Hence, one can create a modified NAS with compatible hard drives.

  • Multiple RAID Options

With the EX2 Ultra’s RAID settings, you can modify the system with the formation that is fine for you. You can use RAID 1 mirrored data protection, RAID 0 for increased performance, and the spanning design for non-RAID formations.


Like the rest of the family, the EX2 Ultra is simple to set up. You can use its user manual that can take you through all of the essential steps to get the device running. For Android and iOS, Western Digital also has mobile apps, letting you access your content from any place.

The device has a simple design. Its intuitive layout directs over the features. You can see the remaining capacity, network activity, and system diagnostics within the display. Above all, you can access the device with mobile devices where users can see and backup files, including videos and photos, check the device’s status and share files.


  • Built to support media 
  • Affordable
  • Very easy setup

Final Words

With the user interface, the Western Digital NAS Server EX2 Ultra provides you with a clean design, small office/home targeted features, and the simplest setups on the network-attached storage market, at a very reasonable price. Above, we have discussed all of the specifications and features of the WD My Cloud EX2 NAS.

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