Web Design Concepts Proven To Increase Conversions

Being a business owner, everyone wants to increase conversions. Conversions are important as they can increase sales and revenue which in turn will contribute to exponential growth. If you are running a business, you know it well. But these conversions can be challenging if your website design is not designed to lead conversions. Since the website design has the power to grab visitor’s attention and turn that visitor to potential customers, you need to have an outstanding and attractive web design. 

The web design concepts used in the website can impact the growth of your business. Hence you should choose wisely. If you have trouble choosing web designs, don’t worry. We are going to reveal 6 proven web design concepts that can increase conversions. So, let’s begin without any delay.

6 web design concepts proven to increase conversions are:  

  • Grab visitor’s attention within 8 seconds 
  • Increase speed to increase conversions
  • Use photography concept of “Rule Of Thirds”
  • Use of Powerful Color Design
  • Use the symmetry law
  • Use images of real people 

Let’s know about these web design concepts in detail. 

  1. Grab visitor’s attention within 8 seconds 

Humans have a very short attention span. So if you want to lean visitors towards conversions, you are required to first grab their attention. There is an 8-second rule web design concept that can increase your conversions. As per this rule, you need to grab visitors’ attention within 8 seconds. For this purpose, you can use creative images, animations, power words, videos, big benefit headlines, value-adding pop-ups, etc. 

Your web design should be quick in grabbing attention then only you can expect a positive impact on the conversions. 

  1. Speedy sites increase conversions

In today’s highly competitive environment, you need to be fast in every aspect. So, having a speedy website is the requirement of SEO as well as conversion. You can take help from a web design company to make your site speedy. This speed is associated with image search and designs. If your design and images will be slow to appear, then google will not rank your site page. This way your customers will leave the site in seconds and your conversions will hamper. Hence, you need to increase the speed of your website to increase conversions. 

  1. Use photography concept of “Rule Of Thirds”

Rule of Thirds is another web design concept that divides your website screen horizontally and vertically by thirds. This rule helps the designer to design each part of the website by keeping strategic focal points in mind. The division creates intersections that act as strategic points because the lines of intersection are more attractive to the eyes.  

  1. Use of Powerful Color Design

Colors always play an essential role in web designs for increasing conversions. Choosing the right color for your website can be a hectic task as tons of color options are available. So, for this task, you should use color psychology. This will help you influence customers using the color scheme without even making customers realize that. Also, your web design should use the power of contrasts as well. Your headlines, text, and CTAs should stand out from your brand colors. 

  1. Use the symmetry law

Next comes the symmetry law web design that can be used to increase conversions. Since the law says that the human brain can make more sense of similar objects as human eyes can group them better. We can use the law of symmetry for grouping the multiple aspects of the website. This can help visitors quickly process information and make a purchase decision. Using the law of symmetry as web design also gives a powerful user experience which can lead to great conversions. 

  1. Use images of real people 

Using images of people behind your business can give a human touch to your website. This human feeling can boost conversions for your business since customers love personalized touch. This can also build trust and authority among customers leading them to make the purchase decision.


As of now, you have understood that creating a website is not as simple as it seems to be. It involves a lot of brainstorming as to where and how to put headings, quotes, images, videos, etc.  So you need to follow certain proven web design concepts to increase conversions. 

A few of them are grabbing attention within seconds, having a speedy site, using the rule of thirds principle, using symmetry law, and using real people’s images. All these are proven concepts that will definitely increase conversions. Your problems of conversions will be solved using these web design concepts. You can use other web design rules and concepts as well if that works for your website or you think it will work Cocmelon. There is no thumb rule for this but we have just given you some ideas that you use. Now the ball is in your court. 

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