Visual Analysis Essay – Writing Structure And Ways

You might have heard about descriptive, argumentative, narrative, and persuasive essays. But have you ever heard about a visual analysis essay? This essay is not very common in the academic world, but still, it is a type of essay. These essays are usually written in History, English, and Arts classes. The main thing about writing this essay is that you visually analyse something and write an essay about that.

Writing an essay by merely looking at something is something very difficult. However, it can be done with ease if you know its structure and ways to follow. In this blog post, we will discuss the ways of writing a visual analysis essay. There will also be a description of its structure. However, before that, let’s start by defining this essay.

What is a visual analysis essay?

A visual analysis essay is a type of essay in which a writer analyses an image, architecture, or photo and documents his experience. This type of essay is common in history, arts, and English literature schools. The teachers give students a picture and ask them to analyse it and write an essay on that picture. The main purpose of this essay is to:

  • Describe the piece of art or visual work in front of you
  • Examine the visual work from your point of view
  • Discuss all the elements of the artwork
  • Lastly, give interesting facts about the art and the artist in your essay

How to write a visual analysis essay?

A visual essay differs completely from other types of essay writing. In other essay types, you get a topic and research the topic to get the information. But here, you only get visuals or artwork to analyse and write an essay on. Therefore, before starting this essay, you should know the writing guidelines. Hence, a brief description of the primary guidelines is as follows:

1. Know the teacher’s requirements

Knowing the teacher’s requirements is the first and most important step in writing a visual analysis essay. Some teachers provide written guidelines in which the preferred formatting style and word count limit are given. You must ensure going through those guidelines because they are key to your essay’s success.

2. Craft a strong introduction

The first formal section of your essay is the introduction section. It is the section where you describe the artwork in front of you and explain it in detail. You should try to grab the attention of the reader in this section. Typically, the following things are discussed in this section:

  • A vivid description of the artwork to make its understanding easy
  • A brief description of how the artwork was created
  • Explanation of the artist’s purpose behind the creation of the image

Hence, these are the points that you must talk about in the visual analysis essay. If you cannot craft such an introduction, go and get the help of the top essay writing services.

3. Craft a resourceful body of the essay

The body is the section where most of the information on the visual work is presented. In this section, you explore different aspects of the artwork and describe them in detail. One thing that you should be careful about in this section is that you should only describe one idea or argument in one paragraph. Mixing different ideas creates confusion in the minds of the readers. Furthermore, support the information in your body section with concrete pieces of evidence.

4. Conclude the essay well

Lastly, after introducing the visual work and crafting the body paragraphs, it is time to conclude the visual analysis essay. Do not get afraid of failure when writing a conclusion. Your interpretation or analysis of visual work might be wrong, but you should back your essay with all the pieces of evidence discussed in the essay. Do not include anything new in the conclusion section and only discuss what is discussed above.

Writing structure of a visual analysis essay

Although, content-wise, this essay is not like others, still, the structure of this is the same as others. A tentative structure of this essay is as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Start with a hook sentence
  3. Discuss the artist’s purpose
  4. Present the thesis statement
  5. Body paragraphs
  6. Describe what you think of the artwork
  7. Back your point of view with concrete pieces of evidence
  8. Explain one argument per paragraph
  9. Conclusion
  10. Warp up the whole discussion on the artwork
  11. Restate the thesis statement
  12. Do not include anything new


Conclusively, a visual analysis essay is an essay in which you analyse an image or architecture and document your observations. The structure of this essay is the same as others. The writing guidelines mentioned above will help you a lot in crafting a good essay. Therefore, make sure that you follow each guideline.

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