Traits of A Hotel That Makes it Luxurious

When traveling everyone likes to book an upscale hotel, as it makes the experience even better. Now when looking for a hotel, everyone prefers online research. There they find words like “luxury” or “star”.  You must know that these are all labels and can be quite deceiving.

According to experts and famous travelers, the word luxury is degraded by the travel industry. They misuse it a lot. People should keep their eyes open. Don’t judge any firm’s credibility on marketing language or because the rooms are expensive.

When selecting a hotel, it is better to look for traits that will define them well. Wondering what those traits are? If yes, kindly read the article till the end.

Easy Booking Process

The hotels like H & S hotels Lahore, which claim to be the best, should make the booking process easy for the customers. It doesn’t matter if the customer is booking a hotel online or on phone, the process shouldn’t take a lot of time or confuse anyone. Also, you need to provide 24/7 chat support during the booking, so customers get answers to the questions instantly. If as a customer you have a special request, the hotel staff shouldn’t ignore it.

In case you fail to get such service from the hotel in the beginning, it is a major red flag.

Quick and Friendly First Contact

Once you check into the hotel, the staff sitting at the front guide you well about everything.

Now hotel staff must communicate clearly with the guest and the tone should be welcoming. The staff always wear a smile on their face. They shouldn’t show any sort of attitude to the guest or interrupt in any way.

Moreover, staff must take good care of your privacy and security. For that, they shouldn’t shout your full name or room number loudly. Also, the luggage should be in a room within a few minutes.

Helpful and Cheerful Staff

It is not difficult for the customer to find out whether the staff is genuinely taking care of them or faking them. That is why hotels prefer to hire people who love to serve.

The other way an employee can do great is by knowing about the facilities the hotel offers and even about the town you are in. In this way, employees don’t have to call anyone else to provide basic answers to the questions.

Guest Rooms That You’ve Asked

Another aspect that makes hotels better than others is the amenities and features they offer. For example, you don’t feel discomfort in the room. The baths are of high quality and have all the necessary products inside. Moreover, in the room snacks are also available for the clients. You should even expect to get proper space to keep clothes and other stuff safe.

Excellent Food & Drinks Variety

When staying in the hotel, if you are planning to have meals from outside, still availability of proper meals within the hotel is a sign that the hotel is good.

Before booking, always look for hotels that have multiple options for you. They not only offer room service but fine dining, and other options too.

Offer Quick Solution to Problems

The one thing where excellent hotels really shine is when they take interest in solving people’s problems. As a customer when you share the issue with one employee, the employee should own it and make efforts to resolve it personally. In case the employee is not capable enough, they must connect you with the right person.

Free Internet Service

Everyone knows that technology is playing a key role in every industry. Also, the hospitality factor is not out of this revolution. Good hotels offer their clients free Wi-Fi service in order to make sure they stay in touch with the world digitally. As there are few guests who travel around for business purposes, they like to stay in touch with their fellow partners. Similarly, those who are out for adventure love to share the memories from time to time with close ones. So, the availability of uninterrupted internet is something that makes the guests happy.

All the traits discussed above are something that doesn’t demand a lot of money. Still, they work perfectly for many hotels. As a hotel owner, you should decide what your customers are expecting from you and work accordingly.

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