Top Tips On How To Be More Sociable & Make More Friends

When we were much younger, our parents told us to get outside and to make new friends and it was always very easy. As children, we had no fear and we didn’t overthink everything that we did. Now that we are adults, we over think everything that we do and so this is why we run into problems. If you have been so caught up in your career that you have lost touch with many of the friends who you grew up with then making new friends at this stage of your life can be incredibly intimidating and it can make you very nervous. It is important however that you do improve on your social circle because it is healthy to have friends that you can rely upon.

A problem shared is a problem halved as they say and so this is why it is incredibly important that you have someone that you can talk to when life starts to throw you a number of curveballs. If you enjoy a game of golf then purchasing yourself a comfortable 4 seat golf cart might be an excellent way to invite new friends to travel around with you on the golf course. This will allow you to create the perfect environment to strike up a conversation and hopefully make new friends. The following are some of the other top tips that you might want to consider to make you a more sociable person and to allow you to make friends more easily.

  1. You need to stop worrying – Many of us try too hard when it comes to trying to make new friends and why we also want to make the best first impression possible, you need to get the fear out of your head because this thinking will stop you from making new friends. You need to consider that the other party will be equally nervous and they won’t want to make first impressions either.
  2. Better the devil you know – If you are just starting out trying to improve upon your social life then it makes a lot more sense to interact with the people that you already know. It makes perfect sense to reach out to friends that you’ve had before would have lost touch with. It isn’t hard to send them a message or to make a quick phone call just to remind them that you are there.
  3. Get introduced – Once you have established new relationships with old friends then you might encourage them to introduce you to their friends. Everyone needs a very comfortable environment and your friend’s friends will already trust you because you have been introduced to the by someone that they trust. You need to put the days behind you when you declined every offer to go out on the weekends and now when you are asked, start saying yes instead of no.
  4. Put yourself out there – You are not going to be able to meet new friends if you are stuck at home or in the office all the time. There are many different groups that are set up all across social media with people who enjoy the same things that you do and so these are like-minded people who might be fun to get to know. It might be a good idea to learn something new that can help you in your career and so signing up for some kind of course or a workshop or going on a specialized holiday is an excellent way to meet new people.
  5. Be brave – You can keep waiting for people to walk up to you and to say hello. It’s time that you become braver and start walking up to people and introducing yourself first. Don’t come onto heavy and don’t tell them too much about yourself until you get to know them a little better. If they don’t want to interact with you then these are probably people that are best avoided in the first place anyway.
  6. Open up your mind – You probably already have a set of rules in your head that you follow when you meet new people but this is restricting you to meeting people who have a different mindset than your own. It’s time to stop judging people and to be more open-minded when it comes to creating new relationships. Just because someone doesn’t share your pastimes, it doesn’t mean that they can’t become a really good friend.

Hopefully these six tips can help to point you in the right direction when it comes to being more sociable and making new friends. Don’t create a persona of a person that you are not because it is always better to be honest with people and to let them know who you really are, both inside and out.

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