Top Things to Do in New Mexico

Incredible natural landscapes and a picturesque downtown is waiting for visitors from across the globe to this southwestern United States city. For years overshadowed by the picturesque capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe, Albuquerque proves to be a surprise for all travelers who like to discover something more. Read the blog to learn about the incredible things to do in New Mexico. 

What are the top things to do in New Mexico?

The old Sawmill District is home to quirky shops, an elegant boutique hotel and lofts, several design artist studios and dining options are being built. It was built in 1793; San Felipe de Neri’s church is one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in the historic center.

Watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon.

Every October, hundreds of brightly colored hot air balloons fill Albuquerque’s skies due to the largest balloon festival that happens in New Mexico every year. At the Anderson Albuquerque, International Balloon Museum has presented a “4-D” film that simulates the experience of drifting in the air. For those who can afford it, a morning trip with Rainbow Ryders is worth it. During the one-hour flight, you fly over the Rio Grande with the sun’s first rays hitting the Sandia Mountains.Travelers can choose Southwest Airlines reservations for the best deals and exceptional flying experience and start their exploration of New Mexico. 

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Slide Down the Gypsum Dunes at White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Museum is a place every traveler must visit when traveling to New Mexico. It consists of the largest field of Gypsum Dunes worldwide. It comprises much distinctive flora and fauna, and the incredible picturesque sight makes it the most appropriate instagrammable place that everyone must visit at least once. It’s the best place to have a fantastic picnic; pack some snacks and wine, a frisbee, your furry four-legged friend if you have any, and your camera. It indeed is the place to slide down the dunes on a sled and spend some relaxing time. It is one of the best things to do in New Mexico

A Beautiful Stay in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is New Mexico’s best-known location, prevalent for art lovers. Here there is an entire street known as Canyon Road, which is a sort of open-air museum. Hundreds of artistic works, native and foreign, are on display on the street and in numerous art galleries. The essence of Mexico is evident here. Especially the braids of chilies displayed in the square called Santa Fe Plaza. Explore from the abundance of fabrics and folkloristic clothes, as well as Sombreros and maracas to take back home as souvenirs. 

Explore Beautiful Streets of Valladolid on Bike

Put on a nice hat and a big bottle of water in your backpack and start pedaling. You will find vintage cars, colorful houses, old barbershops, new souvenir shops, and handmade Mexican art among the one-way streets. Go and see the Maya House, maybe in the evening, so you can stop for a drink in the cafes along the road or visit the very nice shops in the pedestrian street, go through the park in the central square of the city, now and then there is a group of kids who organize tribal shows. Go to the central market in the morning to buy fruit and vegetables or have breakfast, dive into the Cenote Zaci, in the center, remember that it could be full of people, especially in the most critical hours and on weekends.

Besides the beautiful cities, New Mexico is characterized by absolutely splendid suburban landscapes, which wonderfully combines nature with the remarkable pre-colonial past features. New Mexico’s climate is typical of desert areas, with significant changes in temperature between day and night and depending on the season. As for transport, the state’s primary Airport is the Albuquerque International Sun port, while road travel is possible thanks to the interstate I-10, I-25, I-40, and the many state highways, including Route 66. 

It is truly one of the best things to do in New Mexico. You may even try American Airlines reservations options to have a pleasurable flying experience along with an incredible vacation in New Mexico. If you have come here for American Airlines reservations, you can just visit our homepage to book flight tickets & compare the best deals from top airlines.

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