Top reasons why your medical billing is falling to pieces

Mistakes are a part of human nature and everyone is bound to make mistakes. However, when it comes to something as important as medical billing. Even a minor mistake can prove to be detrimental to your healthcare practice. A billing mistake can lead to claim denial, reduces the patient satisfaction, and put the future of your healthcare service on the line of doubt. 

Most healthcare professionals are well versed in dealing with the several complications of patients but since they are not good at medical billing. It is obvious that when everything is kept in-house, it leads to several mistakes, deals, and denial. 

But this isn’t the only reason why your medical billing is failing. In this blog post, we will look at the several factors that are proving to be detrimental to your medical billing practices. 

Coding errors 

This is the leading cause of medical billing errors and just because of this error, many people choose to stick with the mental health billing service. This can have a devastating effect on both patient relations and finance. In the case of severe cases, such an error can lead to legal action and if you are lucky, it will stop at claim denial. 

There are different types of coding errors you might have to deal with if you are not good at coding. Some common coding errors that most people commit are-

  • Mismatch 
  • Undercoating 
  • Overcoding 
  • Not verifying insurance

Issues with patient data

This is more common in health practices with large patient traffic. Managing a large base of patients with fewer, unskilled staff can prove to be challenging and it can lead to data discrepancies. If you are dealing with a similar kind of issue then. It is always better to go for a mental health billing service. 

The main problem with inconsistent patient data is you might end up billing the wrong patient for the wrong disease. Therefore, you might overcharge some patients and undercharge others. Both can have a negative effect on your practice. Only mental health billing companies can save you in such a case. 

Billing the wrong payer 

Many healthcare practitioners think that is almost impossible to bill the wrong payer but this error is more common than you think. Billing the right payer is considered a no brainer but it is the small details that one day becomes the main reason behind degrading medical billing and if you are continuously overlooking such mistakes, it is good to start searching for mental health billing companies. 

When you choose mental health billing services, they make sure that every detail regarding the insurance is checked before forwarding the claim. This requires skill, time, dedication, and effort which your current workforce might be lacking. 

Insurance legibility 

As we have already discussed not verifying the insurance is the leading cause of medical billing errors. And that’s why people opt for mental health billing services. To save just a couple of minutes, many so called medical billing experts let the patient through without verifying the health insurance policy. 

With such an approach, you might be able to save a few minutes but you won’t be able to save your medical billing practices from falling to pieces. But this is not the case when you decide to work with a mental health billing specialist. Such specialists never render any service without verification of the patient’s insurance. And that’s how they increase the claim ratio for their clients.

No reviewing clearinghouse reports

Since medical centers are always bogged, they don’t find time to review clearinghouse reports. Reviewing the clearinghouse report is obviously a time consuming process and if you aren’t ready to dedicate that much time. It is always a better option to outsource your medical billing practices to a mental health billing specialist. 

Medical billing specialist always reviews the clearinghouse reports whenever they get them. And that’s why they stay at the top of medical billing practices. 

There are many pitfalls in medical billing and since as a medical practitioner, you always have too much on your plate. It would be better for you and your medical center to outsource medical billing to a third-party expert that can streamline your medical billing practices.

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