Top Reasons to Choose Flutter For Your App Development

One of the hottest new web-based platform for mobile application development is Flutter. It is built on HTML and JavaScript and can be used by iPhone and iPad apps as well as Android applications. The app can be designed for both iOS and Android devices and works on a single screen for all of the platforms. With over 300 icons, Flutter has everything you need to build an amazing app that captures the attention of your users and keeps them coming back for more.

Major Advantages For Choosing Flutter for New App Development

  • Open Source
  • Single Codebase
  • Dart As Programming Language
  • Hot Reload and Development
  • Native App Like Performance
  • Tech Community
  • Use of Custom Widgets
  • Attracts More Investors

In a world where apps are everywhere, why not add something that will stand out in a crowd? With thousands of paid downloads available, people are hungry for a unique experience. They want to have something that makes them wonder how they lived without it before. With innovative design concepts and a simple set of features, developers are able to provide these things and much more through their app.

Easy To Customise

Flutter makes it easy to create beautiful, engaging, and interactive marketing campaigns. You can easily customize the app to feature your logos, your brand colors or use any other color you like. Once your customers load up your app with your logo, they can instantly begin exploring your offerings. With push notifications or direct interactions through the app’s interface, you can keep your customers informed about special promotions, deals, sales, and other changes.

Easy To Upload and Download

Flutter is extremely secure. With a multi-layered protection system in place, Flutter allows for an easy and safe upload and download experience. You can even set up a secure socket layer so that your app works on multiple Internet browsers and mobile devices without worry. A professional app development company will take your app through all the steps necessary to ensure that it is safe from hackers and that no one gets to have access to it.

Easy To Integrates

Flutter integrates with over 500 different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This means that you can reach out to more people than ever before. Not only are you able to update your app on a whim, but you can also interact with users on all these social networks. Once your app is up and running you can start sharing images, content, and news from around your industry with ease. The next time you have a question about what to do next with your business, you can simply log into your Flutter account and let the experts handle things.

Your app development company can handle everything from customizing your branding to incorporating Google Maps onto your site. In fact, you can integrate Google+ social community into your app, so that your customers can share pictures and news from all over the globe with the push of a button. If you don’t already have a Google+ account, it’s time to get started.

Google apps make it easy to manage the likes of your Gmail, Google+, and Google Places accounts from within your app. You can use the same integration as you do on those social networking sites, so that you can post an event or simply update your page with photos and other snippets that make it easier to keep in touch. Your app development company can even help you get your app listed on Google Play! This means that your application will be available to anyone who has an Android device.

As you can see, there are a ton of ways that you can use Google in order to increase the value and productivity of your business. Flutter takes care of the technical side so that you can focus on marketing and building a brand. Talk to your app development company today about how you can get more out of your company.

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