Top Places to visit in Melaka This Upcoming Year 2022

Melaka, located on Malaysia’s southwestern coast and strategically located on the busy sea route between India and China, has been fought over for ages by the Portuguese, British, and Dutch. As a result, this modern Malaysian city is today a major tourist destination with architecture, culture, traditions, and cuisine that all represent the country’s rich history. Here are some of Melaka’s most popular tourist attractions. 

Melaka is a popular tourist attraction in Malaysia and is known for its distinct history. There is a vast range of places to explore. So, when you’re planning to visit this exotic land of Malaysia? Get packed, book cathay pacific reservations online and save up to 45% off on every flight. Let’s have a look at the attractions that are a reflection of the beautiful part of this city:

Christ Church 

Christ Church was built in the eighteenth century to replace an ancient Portuguese church, and it is still one of Melaka’s most famous structures from the Dutch Colonial era. Originally white, this structure was painted red in the early 1900s, and this hue has become synonymous with most Dutch-era structures. The church’s interior is lined with tombstones inscribed in Dutch, English, Portuguese, and Armenian. These tombstones, which are frequently long and winding, provide an interesting glimpse into life in colonial times. 

Jonker Street

This street is the heart of Melaka’s Chinatown. It began as a house for many of the servants of Dutch nobility during the Dutch colonial era. However, after the Dutch had left, it became the residence of the aristocracy. Many seventeenth-century manors, as well as a plethora of shops, restaurants, and other services, may still be found here. Decorative embellishments, such as a massive Chinese-style archway, were installed when the large Chinese presence moved in. 

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Nyonya House Museum 

This museum was built from a mansion on millionaire’s row by Chan Kim Lay, a fourth-generation resident, to honor the complicated and fascinating combination of Chinese and Malay culture, commonly known as Baba Nyonya. Woodworking pieces, ceramics, and furniture are among the crafts and handiwork on display in the museum. Large, colorful tapestries hang on walls with ornately carved frames, and the pieces in this traditional residence tell a story of Chinese and Western civilizations melding into a Malay world.  

Menara Taming Sari 

This revolving tower looks a lot like Seattle’s space needle and performs a similar purpose. The Menara Taming is a terrific opportunity to obtain a comprehensive view of both historical Malacca and the city’s new and upcoming improvements. It’s part ride, part sightseeing expedition. The gyro tower is a seven-minute rollercoaster that can hold up to eighty people. Pony rides, carnival rides, and electric car rentals are among the numerous activities available at the tower’s base.


This historic Dutch city hall is painted in the same crimson as Christ Church and the majority of Melaka’s remaining Dutch Colonial structures. Under Dutch authority, it was the offices of the Dutch governor and deputy governor; under British rule, it became a free English school. It now becomes the houses, the History, and Ethnography Museum. Which is widely regarded as one of the best in the region. It features traditional Melakan costumes and relics from various periods in the country’s history, Also Read:  delta airlines reservations phone number.

Malacca Sultanate Palace 

This is a replica of the original museum, which was built in 1984 to commemorate the region’s history. The structure was constructed from historical records of Mansur Shah’s palace, which governed Melaka from 1456 until 1477. A series of dioramas in the palace represents what a regular day inside the palace would have been like. Supplicants, guards, and vendors line the main hall, ready to pay homage and make requests to the sultan. 

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple 

The Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is Malaysia’s oldest operating temple, dating back to 1646. Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism are the three traditional Chinese doctrines that it follows. The temple is situated on Harmony Street, which is lined with mosques and temples, and is greeted by an exquisite gate adorned with Chinese lions. The temple itself consists of numerous prayer halls, the most important of which is dedicated to Kuan Yin, the goddess of kindness. 

St. Paul’s Church 

St. Paul’s Church, which was established by a Portuguese captain in 1521 as a small chapel, gives views of Melaka from the summit of Bukit St Paul. One of the founders of the Jesuit order, St. Francis Xavier, utilized the cathedral as a base for his missionary missions to China and Japan. Xavier became ill on one of these voyages and died in China in 1552. His body was briefly placed here for nine months before being moved to Goa, where it is still buried today. 


The local community has historically had a large range of races and nationalities. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Baba Nyonya, are of the major ethnic groups that live in Malacca today. So, plan your much-awaited holiday in Malaysia with AirlinesMap right away. And while here don’t miss out on these attractions located in Melaka. Bon Voyage!

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