Top Philosophical Universities in the UK for Foreign Students

Philosophy educates students on how and where to explore the cosmos and their purpose in it as they respond to the things surrounding them.  Asking questions about the cosmos and your role in it, philosophy teaches you how to think and respond to the world around you.

Therefore, Internationally renown specialists who will discuss your ideas, opinions, and thoughts with the class will be teaching it.

Understanding skills

International students who want to study philosophy in the UK will learn about the fundamentals of morality, rationality, and reasoning, strengthen their creative and cognitive understanding skills, and go on to have a variety of jobs in education, media, politics, and legislation.

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The 9 Best Philosophy Universities in the UK In 2022

1.      College of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is regard as one of the top universities in the world for philosophy education and research. The Faculty employs more than 30 professional philosophers. They have roughly 50 graduate students and 150 undergraduates. Its bachelor’s degree in philosophy is recognize as one of the greatest single-subject programs in the UK.

University programs

Philosophers who are now employe all around the world were schooled in its postgraduate programs. With these philosophers throughout the rest of the University, the Faculty of Philosophy has significant research and educational ties.

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2.      University of Birmingham

Whether you’re a freshman, a graduate, a doctoral student, or a visiting, the faculty at Birmingham is a welcoming, lively, and fascinating place to be. They provide courses in all the topics of philosophy you’d find in a BA program at the undergraduate level, including ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy, political ideology, philosophical science, philosophy of language, and more.

For Masters’ Students, a distinctive and intellectually demanding choice of courses is deliver using their knowledge in the aforemention philosophical areas.

3.      Durham University

The Division of Arts and Humanities at Durham is make up of six departments, including the Department of Philosophy. The philosophy section at Durham University is one of the most esteemed in the UK, and they take great pride in its outstanding research and instruction.


The Durham Philosophy society is a vibrant, welcoming collection of individuals dedicated to the study of philosophical awareness and information, including students, postgraduates, and professionals. You will play a significant role in departmental life as an undergraduate or graduate student here.

4.      University of London

There are courses offer in all main aspects of philosophy, including metaphysics, epistemological, and political and moral ethos, and you can contextualize your studies by reading works by ancient and contemporary philosophers. Students can access the excitement and vitality of London’s larger philosophical society in addition to the recognized expertise of UCL’s vibrant, close-knit intellectual community through the Philosophy MA.

New grads in the field have the option to study their preferred areas in greater depth because of the program’s adaptability.

5.      University of Southampton

The University of Southampton’s philosophy program covers issues like “underdevelopment, ideologies and propagandist, the essence of fictional characters, and how to comprehend differences between what is factual in fiction,” among other things.

Fundamental goals

The fundamental goals of undergraduate and graduate courses are to give students a thorough knowledge of the philosophical disciplines as well as the ideas, claims, and attitudes of significant Philosophes.

You will be taught by professors at Southampton who are world-renown authorities in their fields, and they will help you develop into an authority in your field as well.

6.      University of Warwick

At the institution, you will hone the abilities necessary for a non-academic profession in research, presentation, and evaluation as well as for Ph.D. research in philosophy. You get the chance to study philosophy at an expert stage with top-tier scholars and professors through the MA in Philosophy program.

Department’s range

You have an unusually wide selection of possibilities for Masters-level study because of the Philosophy department’s range and depth of research experience. All of the department’s central concepts of the continent and analytical philosophy are strong points.

7.      University of St Andrews

According to the QS World University Rankings, philosophy at the College of St. Andrews has become ranked 6th in the globe and first in Scotland. To retain minds fresh while not studying, a lively undergraduate philosophy society hosts seminars, debating, conferences, and other social activities.

The four-year MA in Philosophy program at St. Andrews equips students for a wide range of professions. The department’s size creates a welcoming and dedicated culture, and the professors and instructors are always willing to assist students.

8.      University of Oxford

One of the foremost hubs for philosophy worldwide is Oxford. The Faculty of Philosophy has more than 50 full-time permanent seats, each with a college Membership, as well as a much-growing prevalence of associate members who collectively address a wide range of philosophical topics. One of the biggest and most highly regarded philosophy departments in the world is the Faculty of Philosophy.

For both students and graduates, a fairly broad range of subjects is cover in curricula of lectures and classes.

9.      Lancaster University

In 2010, the former areas of Politics and International Relations, Philosophy, and Religious Studies were combined into the new Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Religion (PPR). In the fields of international relations, political science philosophy, and religious affairs, the University provides a wide choice of demanding and interesting both undergraduate and doctoral degree courses, as well as chances for a Ph.D. thesis.

Final Note

Studying abroad can be challenging, but with preparation and dedication, it can be a great experience. By looking through the above list of top universities in the UK you may learn a wide range of information about each university’s level of philosophical teaching and research.

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