Tips to use Mobile Batteries For Long Life

A mobile phone can be seen as a compressive unit that consists of various parts and elements that add to its smooth functioning. Of all the parts and components, the battery of the device is the most crucial element. A mobile without a charged battery has no functionality, and one can find many best phones under 12000 that features great battery capacity.

Moreover, the battery life of the mobiles usually degrades due to constant usage and in a couple of days turns dead. Replacing the battery of the device is not an option anymore in today’s models. Therefore it becomes crucial to take proper care of the battery to ensure its long life. This article consists of some valuable tips that will allow you to increase the longevity of the battery life of your mobile. 

Avoid charging your mobile beyond 100%

While leaving mobile phones at charge beyond 100% is a common tendency among the users, this can shorten the device’s battery life. Overcharging the mobile phone usually puts the device under high stress that results from high current voltage. Moreover, the high voltage also results in heat build-up that puts the battery under high pressure. Exposing the battery of the device to high heat lessens its lifespan. Therefore the users must refrain from charging their mobile beyond 100%. 

Avoid draining your phone battery to 0% 

Many of us tend to use our mobile phones till the battery gets completely drained off. This act can prove to be quite harmful since it can reduce the battery life of our mobile. Consider plugging your phone for charging once it gets down to 20%. This will ensure that your 6000 mah battery phone has a long life span. 

Turning down screen brightness 

The screen of a smartphone is the component that consumes the majority of the mobile’s battery. While searching for a phone with a big battery capacity, users can find many best phones under 12000. And if you wish to expand the device’s battery life, turn down the screen’s brightness level.

 Many use the auto-brightness of the device to alter the brightness of the screen. However, this feature involves using more light sensors that in turn absorbs more battery while reducing its life span. Avoid using the auto-brightness mode and put the screen brightness at a low level. 

Reduce your screen timeout 

Similar to that of the screen brightness, the screen timeout also reduces the lifespan of your mobile’s battery. Therefore to ensure the longevity of your 6000 mah battery phone, consider reducing your screen timeout.

Turning off Bluetooth and Wifi while not in use 

There exist various reasons that can reduce the lifespan of the battery of a smartphone. Keeping the Wifi and Bluetooth turned on even while not in use consumes a significant amount of battery. Therefore to add some extra life to your smartphone’s battery, ensure that you turn off Bluetooth and wifi when not in use. 

Choosing a dark theme 

The smartphones come with various features that enable users to save on their batteries. One such feature is the dark theme that you can opt to use if you wish to increase the lifespan of your 6000 mah battery phone. The black theme of the smartphone limits the battery consumption, thereby ensuring that the users can enjoy a longer lifespan of the smartphone battery.

Look out for apps that consume a lot of battery 

 In today’s modern world of technological invasion, mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our everyday life. This gift of technology has surpassed its mere function of communication and has become such a device without which our life would come to a halt. Usually, there are several applications in our mobile that consume a lot of battery. The user needs to identify these applications and put them to sleep. 

The more charge cycle your smartphone battery goes through, the more rapidly it will reduce its lifespan. The users can easily get various best phones under 12000 that come with greater battery life. And the users can easily increase the lifespan of the battery by following the above tips. 

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