The Way Your Packaging Can Affect Sales


Candy is by far the best invention on planet earth. It is a sweet treat that is made to enjoy life to its full potential. Candy is a confection that has sugar as its main ingredient. It comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Choosing a candy is big decision especially if you are a child, as it is a heaven for taste buds. Many different chocolate products and lollipops are categorized under the candy empire.

It is a treat available in small candy packaging which serves as an individual serving to eat out of the wrapper.


The idea of candy was taken from the south Asian countries where sugar pieces were extracted by boiling sugar cane juice. It was called Khanda in the local language. The Persians and Greeks found this sweet treasure in South Asia and started making sweet confectionary for daily consumption. And this was between the 6th and 4th BC. Before sugar honey was used to make sweetened fruits and nuts in Ancient China, Middle East, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It was the candy source for all until sugar took ever.

Before the industrial revolution, candy was used as a medicine for digestive and throat problems. Then it was served only on the table of the elite in the middle Ages. Back then candy was made from a mixture of sugar and spices and was served after dinners. The word candy was introduced into English in the 13th Century and the USA was introduced to candy in the 18th century.

In the beginning of 19th century, when sugar was available in the open market, candy became a confectionary not only for the rich people but also to the working class people. Gradually with the invention of the candy press, it became possible to make candy in different sizes and shapes.

Children – The Target Market:

Candy has always been loved by all because of its sweetness. But in the 18th century, penny candy was invented which attracted children of all ages and financial classes towards confectionery vendors. Ever since children have been the main target for the candy industry. This is the reason that candy marketing is done with children in advertisements on all media forms.

Candies are packed in custom candy packaging by all candy vendors to attract the children. These custom candy boxes have bright colored printed images and pictures of friendly animals or animated characters which trigger the imagination in a young mind and intrigues children to purchase it. Candy is kept at low prices so that the target market can include all types of children and not just any specific financial class. Candy creates a sense of equality in humanity.

Candy Packaging:

Candy boxes are half the reason for the sale of the candies. The taste does matter but if the box is not made market-friendly people will be hesitant or even reluctant to buy it. The candy packaging boxes should be according to the latest marketing trends and should portray the product accurately so that it is easy for the customer to understand.

Companies usually have their custom candy packaging boxes made to fulfill this purpose. The boxes are thin cardboard sheets precut to make specific designs. These candy packaging boxes are printed with the company’s signature and name and flavor details.

Readymade packaging is also available in the market for small producers. But printing has made it easy for all to make customized packaging boxes or packs for candy. The biggest companies of the candy industry use wrapping paper to pack their candies as there are easy to open and easy to dispose-off.

Impact of Packaging on sales:

“Candy is childhood, the best and bright moments you wish could have lasted forever.” Dylan Lauren.

The packaging should be as such that it could be imprinted in the mind for a long time. People rarely forget the packing of their childhood favorite candies. It is because the companies put a lot of thought while making the packaging of candies. The bright colors of the packing and imagery are chosen as to leave an everlasting impression. The candy is marketed with a slogan and the same is printed on the in packaging which is a catchy phrase that the children memorize and buy the candy out of instinct. Everything that is marketed in the sales pitch is displayed on the packaging. Packaging is the final phase of the marketing of a product. It acts as a silent marketer screaming about the exquisite taste of the candy and showing off its quality through to the quality if the packaging.

It is a strange concept that people consider that a product packed in superior packaging is superior in quality. That affects the sales as well. A customer judges the product by how it looks or what is written on the pack. Hence companies have to work on their packaging ideas to use god materials to pack their products so it could seem credible to the customer. A good product in poor packaging will never sell. Dar Williams words “Sometimes life gives us surprises in ridiculous packaging” shows that a good product is presented in a good packaging is bound to sell.

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Packaging is one of the main pillars on which the marketing of product stands. So it is important to have good and sustainable packaging for candy. It should be strong and airtight to keep the sweetness and freshness of the candy intact. Any small leak in the wrapper can attract bugs, as bugs just love sugar. Also, the packaging should display the effort of the company and the credibility of the product as consumable confectionary. He packaging should also uphold the hygiene factor as it is a ready-to-consume product. Only by having all these bases covered is the customer assured that purchase of any particular candy will not only be sweet in taste but also not a risk to their health.

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