The Top 10 Tamil Movies of 2022 for Free

When picking your 10 favorite films of all time, it can be hard to come up with the exact list you want, especially if you’re looking at films that aren’t out yet. That’s why in 2022, we decided to help our readers by making a list of the top 10 Tamil movies of 2022 based on the popularity of films this year and the predictions about which will rise in popularity over the next 4 years.

While most movie buffs will be happy to wait in line outside the theater as they await the opening of the latest blockbuster, others are looking to watch Tamil movies online, completely free of charge and with no trouble at all. Luckily, this guide on the top 10 Tamil movies of 2022 can help you find some quality films you can watch from your home on basis of some online hindi moviez websites. From romantic dramas to action thrillers and comedies, there’s something for everyone here! You don’t have to wait until 2022 to start watching these films—you can watch them now!

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Thiruchitrambalam (2022)

Thiruchitrambalam is a delightful film with many heartwarming moments and great music. It has an engaging storyline, and Mithran Jawahar delivers a sweet-natured drama in which he plays with familiar tropes but presents them with just the right amount of freshness. A guy next door tries to find romance while dealing with problems in his broken family.

Irvin Nizhal (2022)

It is a film that, like the best of Parthiban’s movies, isn’t a film you can ever fault for lack of effort. The cinematography is stunning, and the camera work is breathtaking at times. The editing is also top-notch. But what stands out in Irvin Nizhal are the songs – notably ‘Azhagu,’ which has a fantastic soundtrack that includes some masterful compositions from A R Rahman. It might be too long and perhaps not as successful as it could have been having it been shorter, but Irvin Nizhal is one heck of a ride.

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect (2022)

‘Rocketry’ takes off well, hits some turbulence on the way, but eventually soars high with real characters and moving moments that make it worthwhile. A biopic of ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan, Rocketry is a formally conventional narration of the contributions of one of India’s premier space scientists and the high personal cost that he is unfairly made to pay for the passion he had for his job and country. The film manages to stay grounded in its portrayal of ordinary people, even as they are thrown into extraordinary situations- a common trope in Tamil cinema.

Vela Vishesham (2022)

In Veetla Vishesham, the protagonist couple — Unnikrishnan and Krishnaveni, played by Sathyaraj and Urvashi, respectively — live an ordinary life in a middle-class neighborhood. When Krishnaveni finds out that she’s pregnant after one intimate night with her husband, she decides to have the baby. However, they’re more concerned about how their two sons will react to this news.

Nenjuku Needhi (2022)

Nenjuku Needhi (2022). An IPS officer investigates a mysterious case of three missing Dalit girls in a rural part of Tamil Nadu. While two are found dead, one is absent without any trace. Vijayragavan (Udhayanidhi Stalin), an IPS officer, gets posted in a rural part of Tamil Nadu, where caste discrimination and untouchability are still in practice. Though Vijayragahvan has read about discrimination in many books, it gets difficult for him to confront these problems in real life.

Poo Sandi Varan (2022)


Poo Sandi Varan (2022) is a Malaysian Tamil horror flick. The film is intriguing and riveting for the most part. It keeps us invested and engaged throughout the film, with only a handful of characters. The writing here deserves mention, as it is well-written and catches our attention from the first scene to the last. But I will admit that it could have been even more compelling if they had trimmed down some settings to make the movie shorter. In any case, Poo Sandi Varan is still an excellent thriller worth watching!

Kadaisi Vivasayi (2021)

It’s a warm, sunny morning, and the old farmer walks through the village, greeting everyone he comes across. He takes a moment to stop by a couple of his friends sitting on their porch sipping tea. As soon as they see Maayaandi coming towards them, they invite him for tea. The talk starts with the weather and then moves to other topics, such as what village events might happen next weekend. I am going to visit my daughter in Chennai, says one of the men. Do you want me to take anything with me? asks another friend. No need, says Maayaandi cheerfully.

Nitham Oru Vaanam (2022)

Nitham Oru Vaanam (2022). An introverted young man with OCD, saddened after his fiancé leaves him, learns to find happiness and positivity in life from two couples whose stories he reads about.

It’s a line that cuts through Ra Karthik’s Nitham Oru Vaanam like a dagger-pointed straight line: It’s unhygienic. The girl decides not to have anymore and walks off with him. In the second half, we get a scene that mirrors this one when Shubatra (Ritu Varma), a young woman he meets on a journey, decides to have pani puri on a whim.

Sardar (2022)

The movies starts with a spy who has been branded a traitor and returns from exile to take down a dubious water project and safeguard the country. Sardar begins in 1988, with title credits in which we learn about a spy seemingly going rogue. The action then cuts to the present when we meet his son Vijay Prakash (Karthi), a publicity-hungry cop haunted by the specter of being a traitor’s son. When Samira (Laila), an activist campaigning against the privatization of water bodies, dies mysteriously, he tries to find out the killers only to realize a complex web of lies and deceit that has put the nation in danger.

Trigger (2022)

A series of kidnappings in the city has left a lot of parents terrified for their children’s safety. The kidnappers are still at large, and it is up to the police department to find them and bring them to justice. Police officer Ashwin Kannan has been assigned to investigate these crimes and apprehend the culprits. He will have to go undercover as a pizza delivery boy with a camera to get closer to these criminals. After finding the mastermind behind these kidnappings, Ashwin will also come face-to-face

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