The Timepiece Gentleman – Anthony William Farrer and Marco Nicolini

Anthony William Farrer and Marco Nicolini are the men behind the Timepiece Gentleman. Learn their background, Net Worth, and more. We also cover the Scam involving the Timepiece Gentleman. Continue reading to discover if you are a victim of this scheme. And remember, never buy a Timepiece Gentleman watch without first checking out their Net Worth and Trust Score. It’s the most important part of our article.

Anthony William Farrer

Originally from Sherman, Texas, Anthony William Farrer, the timepiece gentleman, has changed the way West Coast residents shop for luxury timepieces. He spent his early years growing up with his twin brother and foster parents, and always dreamed of living in the big city. In high school, he began collecting unique and interesting watches. After graduating, he began his career selling fine timepieces.

Today, Farrer is co-owner of a thriving watch business in New York City. While incarcerated, Anthony Farrer’s life has been turned around and he is helping bridge the gap between police and community members. His life story shows that our past does not define our future. He’s become a successful timepiece manufacturer and business owner who has a presence on social media.

With the help of Instagram, he has become a prominent influence in the world of luxury watches. His Instagram presence has helped his business grow rapidly and has already garnered over a million followers. Anthony has set ambitious goals for himself and the brand. His mission is to turn Timepiece Gentleman into a hundred million dollar company in the next three years. The future is bright for Anthony William Farrer, timepiece gentleman extraordinaire!

Originally from Texas, Farrer has been active on social media for the past few years. His YouTube channel, @gentleman_timepieces, has over 30,000 subscribers. His videos have accumulated over 70,000 views after a week. In addition to educating potential buyers and sellers, Farrer is even announcing new releases. One of the most popular videos on his account shows how to tell a fake watch from a real one.

Known for his savvy use of social media, the Timepiece Gentleman is one of the top dealers for pre-owned Rolex watches. In addition to his vast selection, he also sells Omega, Patek, and Piguet. In addition to their YouTube channel, Timepiece Gentleman also uses social media to educate its followers on luxury timepieces. In addition to their daily activities, Timepiece Gentleman posts videos to their channel that are full of information.

Marco Nicolini

The Italian watch brand Marco Nicolini has recently expanded its operations to the United States, and Anthony Wristwatch Gentleman is thrilled. His brand is already a million dollar business, but Anthony hopes to grow it to a hundred million in three years. The two men met when they were members of a wholesale dealer group online. This partnership has helped the brand achieve millions of dollars in sales. Here’s how Anthony’s success story began.

A flamboyant lifestyle – The Timepiece Gentleman claims to have millions of dollars in cash and investments. Despite being able to boast of a large number of Instagram followers and subscribers, the brand’s owner remains elusive. Despite acquiring millions of followers on social media, Nicolini’s flamboyance has not kept him from being a hot property on the internet. Though the brand is now back to normal operations, it appears that the Timepiece Gentleman owners are still living the high life and keeping the money in their bank account.

Social media activity – While most people rely on the social media presence of companies for an idea’s activeness, the Timepiece Gentleman’s owners have gone dark on social media. And while disappearing online is not illegal, disappearing with investor money is. As of November 2017, Timepiece Gentleman has been earning $500 profit from a Breitling watch. Marco Nicolini joined the company in 2018.

Online presence – The Timepiece Gentleman is a successful YouTube channel that features a number of video tutorials and a blog. The channel is a wealth of information about luxury timepieces. Aside from providing information, the site also uses social media to engage its subscribers. Their YouTube channel also features a large number of videos aimed at showing buyers and sellers how to spot fake watches. It’s also home to many luxury wristwatch brands.

Net worth of Timepiece Gentleman

The net worth of Timepiece Gentleman is in dispute. The company has gone from nothing to a flamboyant online presence. In the past, the Timepiece Gentleman owners cultivated a large following on Twitter and Instagram. As of January 2019, they accumulated over $10 million in sales. Their Instagram account boasts over 40,000 followers, while their YouTube channel has over 107,000 subscribers. However, after claiming to have millions in sales, the Timepiece Gentleman owners went into seclusion. The Timepiece Gentleman owners also deactivated their social media accounts, and their staff was absent from the site.

Timepiece Gentleman aims to change the luxury watch industry. The company was founded in 2017 and has grown in size and reputation. It is now considered a super enclave for luxury watch enthusiasts. Founder and CEO Marco Nicolini possesses an extraordinary eye for details and a love of authentic products. The pair met through an online dealer wholesale group. Today, the company has millions of dollars in sales and is on its way to achieving their ambitious goal of a one hundred million venture within three years.

The Timepiece Gentleman’s success is attributed to his savvy social media strategy. He has a YouTube channel with over 30,000 subscribers and averages more than 100,000 views per video. Every video on his channel reaches over 70k views after one week. He uses social media to engage his audience, educating them on the differences between authentic and fake watches. Those who follow his channel on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube will have the opportunity to learn about new and used Rolex timepieces.

Farrer is believed to be twenty-five to thirty-five years old. Although his exact date of birth is not known, his parents’ financial status did not change. He was raised by non-permanent parents and had a twin brother. The Net worth of Timepiece Gentleman has reached approximately $3.5 million. However, there are no other details on the company’s net worth. The Timepiece Gentleman has never been sued for fraud, however.

Scam involving Timepiece Gentleman

The Timepiece Gentleman is a secondary watch dealer based in Dallas. The company was a sensation in the secondary market for several years, but then it went dark on social media. A lawyer for the company told CW33 that the team was giving back to the community. So the next episode of the Timepiece Gentleman is likely to revolve around giving back to the community. However, we don’t know how tasteful the publicity stunt was. If you’ve been on the site, you’ve probably been duped.

The website for Timepiece Gentleman is unreachable, as is their Instagram page and SquareSpace page. While the company’s business page on Facebook was active, it has since closed. The owner raised $2000 from collectors and advertised that they would provide Amazon Rolex at wholesale prices. The site’s SquareSpace profile is lower than the company’s office address, and the phone number listed on the website is no longer a live person. However, the website’s owner is not responding to requests for comment. The government hasn’t verified the claims made by Timepiece Gentleman.

It’s not yet known what the owners of The Timepiece Gentleman’s website are worth, but they do have net worths. While Anthony Farrer’s net worth may be low, his employees have been doing charity work while he was away. These companies were able to collect a substantial amount of money from investors in order to operate. But in the meantime, they are left with the problems and expenses of a failed venture.

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