The Complete Guide to Kitchen Layouts | Kitchen Design Bournemouth

Mount bank development provide a lot of kitchen design Bournemouth according to your aesthetics. 

 Types Of Famous Kitchen Design 

  1. One Wall Kitchen

Usually found in small kitchens, this simple structure works well for space without stopping functionality. Containing cabinets mounted on a single wall, the One Wall Kitchen can have top and bottom cabinets or shelf over basic cabinets, creating a pure beauty.

  • Galley kitchen

With the use of highly economical cabinets, the rowing kitchen consists of two rows of facing cabinets, forming an interior or galley between them. By eliminating the need for corner cabinets, this type of structure uses every millimeter of space without wasting. The simple design also means that there are a few special gadgets needed, which makes this an inexpensive option.

  • L-shaped kitchen

Optional for the functional design of small and large kitchens, the L-shaped kitchen has cabinets next to the two facing walls. While the corner requires certain cabinet to work, the design of the L-shaped open-plan kitchen system offers great flexibility in the placement of appliances and work areas. While you can have this kitchen as long as the space allows, it is best to keep it at least 4.5m for easy use.

  • U shaped Kitchen  

A beautiful building for large kitchens, a U-shaped kitchen contains cabinets next to three adjacent walls. This type of building provides a lot of storage but can feel closed when there are top cabinets on all three walls. To avoid this, choose cabinets that are high on one or two walls, with open shelves, focus tiles or a hood on the other. The U-shaped kitchen allows for good workflow with multiple users at the same time.

  • Island Kitchen

A very popular option for open homes, an island kitchen offers a large work area or storage space in the middle of the kitchen. The island can accommodate a cooking area, a preparation bowl and a bar or wine fridge. It can also be used as a place to prepare or enjoy family meals. While the kitchen should be large enough to accommodate an island, its placement is a great way to create a natural flow in the area.

  • Peninsula Kitchen

The peninsula is connected to the island kitchen and includes a kitchen counter from the wall or cabinet. This is a great solution that offers the benefits of a kitchen island where space does not allow for the installation of an island kitchen. The peninsula can be used to prepare food, food or other activities while the cook is busy preparing food.


Today, kitchens are more than just usable spaces. They are used for cooking, sharing random meals, spending time with family, helping in  homework of children and sometimes doing office work. In short, they have now evolved into more versatile areas and need to be rebuilt that way as well. Having a beautiful Kitchen Design Bournemouth adds to its functionality and planning and the value of your home.


As mentioned earlier, a good kitchen design is all about performance. If you carefully plan and prepare this site, it can be used for many uses. The kitchen is becoming more and more part of the house where the family spends most of their time together. If you focus on functional construction, you will enjoy cooking and using this space.

It can be very frustrating to have an inefficient kitchen. If you have more preparation space and are closer to the equipment, the cooking process becomes much smoother.

2 Energy Saving

If you keep the oven and refrigerator away from each other, it ensures that more people can access them at the same time. The oven also loses a lot of heat and when the refrigerator is kept away from it, it does not need to work overtime to resist that heat; saves a large amount of energy.

The workplace that requires work lighting should be placed close to each other. This eliminates the need for more lighting and helps you save on your energy bills. In fact, the light of a track with LED bulbs can help save a lot of electricity. It is 80% more efficient than standard bulbs.


A beautiful Kitchen Design Bournemouth is always flexible because it offers a wide range of changes, modifications, additions, etc. For example, if you feel the need to acquire new equipment such as a dishwasher. You should not be limited by the available space, when choosing a size. There may be times when you feel like you want to install an informal restaurant. All of this can happen and the design should give you the strength to do just that.

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