The beach side candle light dinner experience


Falling in love is charming and celebrating the love is enthralling. A beachside candlelight dinner with a delicious meal is a different experience in itself. All your worries will go in the air when a cool breeze will touch your face while sipping on your favorite wine and mouth-watering dishes. 

The beachside candlelight dinner in Andaman with your loved one’s company will be magnified by the innate ambiance. You can sit under the starry sky and avail the benefits of the soothing sounds of the ocean. 

How to prepare for a beachside candlelight dinner?

While looking at the sun setting inside the ocean and listening to the melodious tunes of your choice, a beautiful moment like this is always close to our hearts. And the delicious food in front will make the moment more magical. For a perfect beachside romantic candlelight dinner romantically serve the food to impress your partner. 

1. Use flowers:

The mesmerizing fragrance of flowers is bound to take away all the worries and tensions. You can surprise your partner by using the flowers for decoration and even by gifting a small bouquet of their favorite flowers. Set the table with a beautiful centerpiece made with flowers.

A female partner can be presented with a beautiful handmade flower tiara that can be worn on that perfect romantic evening.

2. Food: 

Try to make the food menu simple yet classy. Incorporate the favorite cuisine of your partner and present it differently. Take the help of the staff there. Feed them with your ideas to serve food. 

Don’t forget to serve the desserts. To add to that extra sweetness in your relationship is what you need some sweet moments together. A chocolate cake for dessert can be a great option to end your dinner with. Or maybe an ice cream topped with some chocolate ganache and dry fruits to finish with.

3. Invite: 

If you want to be innovative then send an invitation to your partner for a perfect beach dinner date night. While away on a romantic trip together keep the beachside dinner idea as a surprise for your partner. Add some fun elements to your upcoming dinner plans. Send an invite with the date and time for the dinner.

4. Setting the mood right: 

Well, the most important of them all is setting the mood right. And playing good romantic music can help with that. Dance to the tunes of some romantic classics of all time. Or maybe just sit and sip on your favorite wine while you snuggle up!

What to expect?

The sweet-scented candles set the romantic mood and you will be directed towards the picturesque dinner dining table positioned for you near the beach. You will surely be enjoying your meal while the path to your table is all lit up with candles. Make it more romantic by adding hues of soft pink and pastels. While you sit and enjoy the moment mocktails will be served. 

You can enjoy the best seafood while at the beach or if you are not a seafood lover then try the avocados in any form along with the food served.

What to wear on a Beach side dinner?

Well, this is something that every couple going on a beachside date will put time and effort in. Beaches give a sense of warmth and a serene place to travel on earth. With the waves at the seashore and the view of the sun setting far away, what can be more beautiful than a beach date?

Women can pair a beach top with shorts and see the magic happening in their partner’s eyes. You will look forward to the sunset and make the evening the best one. An elegant cover-up or a shrug can be paired with it to ace that perfect beach look.


Women can also ace the look with a comfortable dress paired with pumps to enjoy the most memorable time of their life. Breezy long dresses or popped-up florals can be the best option though. 

Men can be in their casual selves and wear a classy shirt with a beachy print paired with shorts or Bermuda. 

If you are a comfort lover then definitely go for flip-flops or sandals so that you can fully enjoy the beach time. You can wear a hat and sunglasses to add to the outstanding beach look. 

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