The Apartments for Sale Trends in Sharjah

One of the major real estate hotspots in the UAE, Sharjah is the third most populous city in the country. In addition to its role in economic, military, and political sectors, Sharjah is the capital of the Emirate Sharjah. These functional categories are shared by other emirates under a similar framework. To maintain the balance and functionality of local authorities, every emirate has its own local government and civil authority enforcement.

The third-largest emirate in the UAE, Sharjah, must have caught your attention. Additionally, it is one of the most stunning emirates in the nation.

Your life can be made more enjoyable by stunning coastlines, amazing beaches, renowned heritage, gorgeous mosques, and vibrant neighborhoods.

Many people from all over the world have moved to Sharjah in recent years. As a result, the emirate’s demand for real estate properties has significantly increased.

The rise in demand is caused by a second factor as well. It is Sharjah’s reasonable housing cost. As a result, a lot of individuals purchase homes in the emirate, raising the demand.

There is a sufficient supply of all kinds of homes in Sharjah despite the rising demand.

Real estate in the UAE has become the newest hotspot in the market due to its ability to attract immigrants and tourists promptly. In order to understand why you should invest in the Sharjah property market, there are many things you need to keep in mind.

It makes sense for you to consider acquiring a Sharjah home if you relocate to the emirate. As a result, you can browse the apartments for sale in Sharjah on a trusted property website.

Apartments in Sharjah: The Types

You may find all different types of flats in Sharjah, from studios to 4-bedroom apartments, due to the emirate’s well-developed real estate industry.

When deciding whether to buy or rent an apartment, you must take your demands and budget into account.

A one-bedroom apartment has 850 square feet and one bathroom, compared to a studio apartment’s 350 square feet and one bathroom.

There are three baths and 1,500 square feet of floor space in a two-bedroom apartment. Additionally, a four-bedroom apartment has four baths and 2,200 square feet of floor area.

Additionally, some apartments offer communal amenities like a gym, swimming pool, electrical backup, prayer room, intercom, and ATM machine.

Villas in Sharjah: The Types

If you have more funds, you can think about buying a villa. In a villa, you will find all the necessary amenities.

For your family to live in a spacious home, you might look for a villa for sale in Sharjah.

Villas come with creative designs, inventive structures, huge living areas and bedrooms, and comfortable kitchens and baths. Additionally, they have sizable windows that let in a lot of natural light and offer stunning views of the adjoining private gardens.

Large families can stay in villas because most have more than 32,000 square feet of area.

You can choose from Sharjah villas for sale with 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 bedrooms, based on your requirements and budget.

Villas in Sharjah: Sales Prices

Depending on the size, you may buy a villa in Sharjah for between AED 225,000 and AED 22,499,000.

You may pay between AED 889,000 and AED 2,200,000 for a two-bedroom villa. In Sharjah, a 3-bedroom villa may be bought for between AED 580,000 and AED 5,500,000.

The cost of a four-bedroom home can range from AED 600,000 to AED 7,000,000.

A 6-bedroom house for sale in Sharjah can cost between AED 720,000 and AED 7,500,000, whereas a 5-bedroom villa’s sale price can range from AED 900,000 to AED 14,950,000.

A 3-bedroom property in Al Tai is available for purchase for between AED 898,999 and AED 1,500,000. In Al Tai, a four-bedroom property may be purchased for between AED 1,099,000 and AED 2,600,000.

Given the current trends, the price range for a four-bedroom home in Al Suyoh is between AED 1,099,000 and AED 1,999,000.


In case you’re considering moving to the United Arab Emirates, you will find a variety of benefits. The city of Sharjah ought to be on your list if you want to make a living surrounded by recreation at an affordable price. Abu Dhabi and Dubai have their own unique aspects catering to the Sharjah property market, but Sharjah has its own multicultural, financial, and diverse ambiance.

If you want to remain in Sharjah, you may ensure that your family enjoys a happy life in the stunning emirate. There are many flats and villas available for sale and rent in a mature real estate market. If you have made the decision to purchase real estate in the emirate, do it right away. Additionally, we think that this article will assist you in making a sensible choice.

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