Standard conditions of use for promo codes

The conditions of use of the promo codes vary according to the brand and the adopted commercial strategy. The most frequently used conditions for promo codes are as follows:

nominative code: the promo code is personal and can only be used once;

non-nominative code: it can be used once and often distributed to new customers when subscribing to the newsletter;

code with minimum purchase: it implies reaching a purchase threshold before being activated;

code for product / service category: can only be used for specific categories;

  • dedicated code for professional buyers;
  • code cannot be combined with promotions;
  • nly valid for a first purchase;
  • code specially designed for new customers.
  • Promo codes and e-commerce sites

On e-commerce site offering bershka promo code, there are alos more e-commerce sites and there is often a small box “Add a promo code” which appears when you pay. It is precisely in this place that you will have to add the code of the promo code that you have. It could be in certain cases that you do not find expressly the small box envisaged for the insertion of the said promo code. In this case, relax and then search again more calmly. It could be that the box was simply not highlighted.

However, keep in mind that most of the time, coupon codes are subject to a number of conditions and are well limited in time.

  • Conditions and use of promo codes on online purchases
  • To make good savings with promo codes, you will need:
  • determine the type of promo codes to which you wish to subscribe;
  • find the promo code that suits you;
  • check the conditions that govern the chosen promo code in order to use it with complete peace of mind and take advantage of its advantages. for example also use “reduction code or promo code + the name of the brand or of the e-commerce site”. The results will be displayed directly and direct you to the right coupon code sites.

Tips and tricks for using promo codes properly

Since it is not always easy to find a valid and advantageous promo code, it is highly important to use it consistently when you have one. Here are our tips and advice to help you find and enjoy it the best it can:

  • When the code you have chosen does not work for some reason, feel free to try others;
  • search for coupon codes for the brands you want on many coupon code sites;
  • carefully check the conditions of use of the promo codes;
  • regularly read comments from previous users;
  • pay close attention to the expiration date of promo codes …

Cashbacks and promo codes: how does it work?

Cashbacks and promo codes are great opportunities to grab on the Internet to get good business. Promo codes allow you to benefit from reductions from an online store on an item or on the total amount of your order. Use an ASOS promo code and save on your shopping for example and earn a discount on the total of your purchases.

Cashback allows you to recover a percentage of the amount of your purchases. To use cashback, you just need to activate it, buy it and collect your winnings. For example, if a store offers a 5% cashback, you get 5% back on the total amount of your purchases after paying for your order.

Categories and merchants available on WIDILO

On WIDILO, you have access to more than 2,500 merchants classified according to different categories. Among others, you will find the beauty categories, food and clothing, but also banks, insurance agencies and travel . The biggest brands such as NIKE, BOOKING and ASOS are affiliated with WIDILO. So you can pay less for your sneakers, clothes and travel reservations by using promo codes and taking advantage of promotions and sales . In addition, you have the option to take advantage of cashback to earn money when you buy from these brands.

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