Sport Chek Used Facebook to Increase In-Store Sales

Sport Chek is a Canadian sporting clothing and equipment retailer. With 191 locations by 2020, it is one of the largest retailers in this sector. Founded in 1969, Sport Chek has grown into one of Canada’s largest sportswear chains. It has a strong online presence and offers several unique sales promotions. Among these are its Free shipping offer, Digital circular solution, and Facebook page. But what is its true value? Let’s find out.


In a highly competitive retail environment, Sport Chek needed to stand out and appeal to their target audience, and Facebook helped them do that. The company targeted the 18-34 age group in the Greater Toronto Area and expanded to other parts of Ontario, where it can still reach its target audience. The company also optimized the delivery of relevant flyer content to Ontarians weekly, ensuring that it reached a consistent number of people in its target audience each week. The Sport Chek Facebook campaign is a great example of how to use Facebook for social media.

The brand has leveraged the power of Facebook Live to create an engaging experience for fans. The “Chase the Gear” campaign on Facebook Live attracted 7,500 unique viewers, and received nearly 5,000 reactions. Sport Chek is planning to use Facebook Live for a World Cup hockey broadcast next year, and will likely have more social media promotion leading up to the event. It will also feature live interviews with high-profile athletes to draw in viewers.

Regardless of your preferred sport, you will definitely find a good deal when you follow Sport Chek on Facebook. The company is offering various ways to save money, including special promotions and coupons. You can check out the community tab in the top right corner of the homepage. Facebook only coupons also appear in the newsfeed. The company has also launched a weekly deals section where people can shop for featured items at low prices. You can also find coupons and discounts for well-known brands in this section.

Direct mailer

Sport Chek had a long history of sending paper direct mailers to Canadian households. Previously, the company didn’t have any digital support, so they tested a traditional direct mailer against Facebook’s new digital circular solution. The goal was to measure the effectiveness of both channels. Here are some of the highlights. Read on to see how the Sport Chek team implemented both methods. Let us begin by examining the effectiveness of both.

First, consider that Sport Chek is catering to everyday athletes. They are trying to broaden their definition of sport to include non-traditional sports and more “active” activities. By promoting yoga and running, for example, the brand is making itself more relevant to a broader demo, and a more female audience. If you have a female target audience, try a different approach to reach them. Here’s a sample of the brand’s direct mailer:

The second method involves using email to promote sporting events. For this, Sport Chek is partnering with e-dialogue to develop a system to send trigger emails to consumers who have already purchased products on the website. This will enable the brand to connect with customers’ profile information and their purchase habits, elevating the customer experience. These email campaigns will reach an audience that is likely to respond positively to a product or service.

In addition to using email to drive sales, the company has recently implemented its own omnichannel retail experience. This includes a multi-channel Olympics campaign to showcase Canadian Olympic athletes’ journey. Additionally, Sport Chek has opened two flagship stores in Toronto with digitally immersive retail environments. Finally, the company recently launched its #MyNorth grassroots campaign, leveraging user-generated content to strengthen its brand’s presence within the basketball community.

Digital circular solution

Sport Chek wanted to increase in-store sales during a Father’s Day promotion and evaluate whether a Facebook digital circular solution is as effective as a traditional direct mailer. The retailer had previously mailed paper direct mailers to Canadian households without any digital support. To test whether Facebook’s digital circular solution is as effective as traditional direct mailers, Sport Chek ran a Cross-publisher GeoLift study to test the impact of digital circulars.

The Sport Chek retail lab will serve as a testing ground for innovations that can be implemented across the brand’s store network. Once the flagship stores open across Canada in late 2013, these innovations will be implemented throughout the company’s stores. Tablets mounted in custom fixtures will display video and still images. Sport Chek staff will have access to vendor content and take over larger screens as needed. The company plans to use the digital circular solution in ten to twelve more flagship locations across the country.

The company’s digital circular solution includes a creative template for product discovery that helps advertisers offer personalized suggestions based on user interest. The solution also included a collection ad format that opened into a full-screen Instant Experience. In the Instant Experience, the product selection was dynamically pulled from the advertiser’s catalog based on the interests of the viewer. The result is an advertising experience that offers a unique shopping experience for every user.

The digital circular is a natural evolution of the hybrid grocery store dynamic. Retailers have long used loyalty card data to personalize digital offerings. By leveraging loyalty card data and the ability to target customers 1:1, they can make personalized content that is relevant to their interests. For instance, a grocer recently enriched the member card with light animation, which gave it an entirely new look and feel. With this type of customer-centric approach, digital circulars have the potential to drive significant revenue growth for any retailer.

Free shipping offer

You can get your next purchase shipped for free when you use the Sport Chek free shipping code. This code is valid for any product, and can be used with other discounts as well. To receive free shipping, you must meet the minimum consumption amount. To use the code, simply register for an account with Sport Chek. Once you have registered, visit the shopping cart page to enter the code. If you do not meet the minimum consumption, the delivery cost will be deducted automatically.

SportChek is committed to providing the best selection possible. This Canadian retailer carries shoes for men, women, and kids of all ages, along with a selection of apparel from the best brands. They also carry sporting goods and fitness equipment, including bike frames, weights, pedometers, and more. The best part about their free shipping is that you can choose what you’d like to purchase and get it shipped at no additional charge.

The “Free Shipping” value proposition at Sport Chek is incredibly elastic, and users’ behaviors change at different price points when the company offers free shipping. However, in the past, Sport Chek did not emphasize this benefit enough. Now, the company is clearly communicating the Free Shipping offer with the highest possible visibility. If you’d like to receive free shipping with your next purchase, check out their FAQ page for more information. The site’s FAQ page contains frequently asked questions and offers.

You can also earn bonus points for shopping on Sport Chek. The website’s loyalty program allows you to collect points on all of your purchases and redeem them for discounts and personalized offers. It can also help you pay for your purchase with a MasterCard with no interest if you purchase over $200 on the website. If you’re looking for a gift card, don’t forget to take advantage of the Sport Chek coupons. They’ll save you money on your next purchase while you’re at it.

A test conducted by Sport Chek focused on two different variations of its website. One of these variations focused on reducing visual distractions and improving clarity, while the other variant concentrated on emphasizing the ‘Free Shipping’ value proposition. Both variations are included in the case study. The winning variation generated a 7.3% lift in transaction rates. These results were indicative of the effectiveness of the new strategy. The results were compelling, and revealed how consumers can effectively use the new design to improve their purchase process and increase conversion rates.

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