Speed Up to Slow Down for Dinner

Dinner can be tough for busy families, but a change has come. The days of frantically digging through the refrigerator to find something to make are gone. Dinners can be efficiently planned to eliminate the frantic refrigerator search and slow down to enjoy the process of making dinner.

Online Planning

The advent of apps and websites with recipes and ways to plan your meals has made dinner more effortless than ever before. It’s easy to go online, find dinner recipes, and schedule them for the week. Even better, it is easy to get a list of all of the ingredients that will be needed for the week.

Another option is using one of the many meal kit delivery services. Just pick your meals for several weeks out, and they show up with the ingredients needed to prepare them. Typically, meals will start at about $7 a serving, which is less than the burger and fries you used to pick up when there were no better ideas.

Prepared Meals

Across the country, services have popped up where local chefs will deliver prepared meals to your home. They might bring you five days’ worth of meals or even prepare them in your home and put them in the freezer to be pulled out and cooked when you’re ready to eat them. Simply come home, put your dinner in the oven, and then take your time enjoying it with a great glass of wine.

As dinner is easier than ever before, it is also easier to take some time to enjoy yourself. Busy families don’t have to surrender to what is dug out of the refrigerator any longer.

Don’t Multitask

Chances are when you’re sitting down to dinner each night with your family and loved ones, you’re often distracted by something else other than the scrumptious food that’s in front of you. And I know there’s such a thing as multi-tasking, but I don’t believe it applies here! If we want to enjoy our meal, then take a moment or two to be present. Put down the phone, close the computer, turn off the television and focus on your food. Not only will synching up your mind, mouth, and taste buds make all of your food even more delicious… it will also give everyone else at the table a chance to truly enjoy themselves too!

Set the Table

Don’t grab a bite to eat while standing near the counter or while looking through your fridge! Make sure to set a place for yourself at the table. You deserve to feel special! If you make a huge fuss about the plate you choose — even if it’s just a paper plate! — make sure that you take your time to sit down and enjoy your meal, then you will be more likely to slow down and enjoy it.

Eat with Chopsticks      

Forks and spoons are great when it comes to eating your meal but they can be quite tricky when put into the wrong hands. That’s because our jaws tend to speed up with forks or spoons which means we take too much per bite. We’ll let you in on a little secret: chopsticks are designed for small mouthfuls instead of large bites!

Chew Wisely

Count your bites as you chew. Try and take at least twenty seconds in between each bite to process the food thoroughly in your mouth. Chewing the food well will lead to better digestion, requiring fewer trips to the bathroom or urgent appointment with a doctor! Take your time.

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