Spectacular upstream, Japan defeated the German team, Vn88cx newspaper praised the land of the rising sun

Vn88 mobile newspaper reported: Japan created the next earthquake at the 2022 World Cup after defeating the German team with a score of 2-1.

The German team achieved 74% ball control, launched 26 shots, 9 times on target. Japan’s respective figures are 26% and 12 and 4. With such a disparate statistic, conceding just one goal in the opening match of Group E is a success for the representative of Asia. But, the Japanese team did even better than that.

As noted by Vn88.cx sport, Japan entered the game with a fierce play, actively approaching the competition and causing the opponent to make mistakes. Coach Hajime Moriyasu’s students almost created a surprise in the 8th minute when Daizen Maeda hit Manuel Neuer’s net but the goal was not counted because of offside.

After the first few difficult minutes, the German team gradually controlled the game. The European team gradually increased the pressure with continuous attacking situations in a variety of ways. After many missed opportunities, the German team opened the scoring with Ilkay Gundogan’s successful penalty kick. Kai Havertz then canceled a goal because VAR detected offside.

After the break, the German team continued to dominate. Coach Hansi Flick’s students maintained pressure and created more opportunities, but did not take advantage of success. This extravagance cost the former world champion in the second half of the second half, shared Vn88 daily sport.

The German team suddenly lost control. Japan significantly improved in terms of the game and began to organize high-threat attacks. In the 75th minute, the German fans were dumbfounded when Ritsu Doan hit Manuel Neuer’s net to equalize for the Japanese team. Less than 10 minutes later, Takuma Asano created a big shock with the goal to put the Asian representative ahead.

The German team was confused after receiving 2 consecutive goals and the match did not have much time left. Thomas Muller and his teammates attacked with all their might, but could not find their way into the opponent’s goal. Japan won 2-1 against Germany, creating the second earthquake at the 2022 World Cup.

Despising the opponent and then losing humbly, the German defender was mocked by Vn88cx

Antonio Rudiger’s disdainful ball in Germany’s 1-2 loss to Japan became the subject of ridicule of the fans.

After Argentina’s 1-2 defeat to Saudi Arabia, the 2022 World Cup has another shock. The German team took the lead against Japan in the first half, but lost in the second half after two goals from Ritsu Doan and Takuma Asano.

Before losing 2 goals in a row, the German team was able to overwhelm Japan. Germany’s confidence showed in Rudiger’s ball in defense after 64 minutes. During the fast race against Asano, Rudiger deliberately ran with his knees raised in the final steps, seemingly with the intention of provoking Asano. That was when Germany led 1-0. This is the opinion of the commentator of Vn88 mobile about the match.

However, Japan went upstream spectacularly. Rudiger was one of the players responsible for the equalizer when he failed to stop Takumi Minamino’s narrow shot, which led to a follow-up kick from Ritsu Doan. After the match, the situation of Rudiger teasing the opponent became the subject of gossip for the audience.

“Rudiger likes to run with high knees, but it is the Japanese striker who gets to smile last,” said Bread Pitt sarcastically. A fan named Kanjiro commented: “Japan is the team that has fun after the game. That will happen when the German team disrespects the opponent”.

“Funny, in the end that Japanese striker (Asano) was the one who scored the winning goal,” Vn88.cx’s account shared.

“Why is he running like that? Never underestimate an opponent just because they are smaller than you”, the Mapuia account shared. “Learn to respect your opponent whether you’re leading or trailing,” another fan commented.

After the defeat to Japan, Germany will face Spain in the second round at 2pm on November 28. Another loss is likely to cause Die Mannschaft to say goodbye to the 2022 World Cup from the group stage.

Japan have provided the second major shock of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ with a stunning comeback win over Germany.

The four-time world champions took a first-half lead through Ilkay Gundogan’s coolly dispatched penalty and looked likely to add to their advantage early in the second half.

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