How to fix Snapchat Keeps Crashing on IOS

Snapchat is a very popular instant messaging and image-sharing application and there are a lot of people who use the application to chat with their friends and family members.

The application is very awesome and there are people who have invested their time in this application however, there are certain instances where people have felt that the application has crashed and people were unable to use it.

Even though the application is very famous, there is no surety that the application will not face any issues and therefore, people always look for reasons why their Snapchat is crashing and how they can fix the issues. 

In the guide, we are going to tell you the reasons why your Snapchat keeps crashing iPhone and some simple and quick troubleshooting methods that will help you in fixing these issues. 

Why is my snapchat crashing on iPhone?

There are many reasons why you see that your application is not working fine however, here we are going to tell you some main reasons for this issue so that you can prevent the issue in the future and there is no need for you to look for methods. 

  1. Using third-party applications and plug-ins
  2. Too much cache data in your application
  3. Technical issues with your device
  4. Outdated version of the application
  5. Issues with the server status of snapchat

These are the main reasons why your Snapchat crashing and in the next part of the blog, we are going to tell you the methods that you can use when you want to fix the issue and make sure that your snapchat is no longer crashing. 

Troubleshooting methods to fix Snapchat Crashing

If you are facing continuous snapchat crashing issues on your device then, we recommend that you use the different quick fixes that we are giving here that will help people in ensuring that your application does not crash anymore. 

Remove all the third-party applications

If there are applications like Snapchat Insight and Snapchat Analytics on your mobile phone then, and these can be a very major reason for your application crashing as the application does not allow the involvement of any third-party application.

We recommend you remove all the applications and then, re-launch Snapchat to make sure that it is working fine. 

Clear Snapchat cache and history

Sometimes too much History and cache data in your application can interfere with the working of the application hence, it is suggested that you clean the History as well as the cache data of the application. You need to do this from the storage of your device where you need to select Snapchat and then, clear all the data. 

Re-install the application

Many times people are unable to locate the main reason for the issue and in this case, it is suggested to remove the application from your device and then, download it again.

The main reason why this method will work is that there can be some technical error or bug in the system of the application and if you re-install it then, this bug will be removed. 

Update your application

If your Snapchat keeps crashing then, the reason could be the outdated version of the application as it is very important to regularly update the application.

Your updated application will have all the new features and there will be no bugs in the application that affect the working of the application. 

Check the servers of the application

While it is very rare, sometimes the issue can neither be your mobile nor the application but the problem can arise because of the servers of the application.

If your application is still crashing even after you have tried all these methods that we are giving here then, you should check the server status of snapchat to see if the servers of the application are not down. You can use the website Downdetector to see whether the servers of the application are working fine. 

All these methods will help you in fixing the issues that you are facing with your application. However, you can refer to the website Onlinehubb if you want more methods that will assist you in making sure that Snapchat is not crashing.

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