Should You Play Games On A Console Or A PC? Let’s Decide

It used to be the big question for people who wanted to play video games, console or PC? But, now with the improvements to smartphones and tablets many people are choosing neither. They’d rather play a small game on their phone that they can complete in minutes then something that takes a lot of time and expense. However, for true gamers there’s no competition. If you want to play the latest, best games, you, need a console or PC. But, we’re still torn on which is best, so let’s examine both.

The PC

One of the biggest disadvantages of PC gaming is how expensive it can be. You’re not just buying a system. If your PC is old, you might have to buy new graphics cards and sound cards to play the latest games the way they were meant to be seen. Even then, you might still have trouble playing the game to its full capacity. You can also look into getting new motherboards for gaming. That’s essentially a heart transplant for your computer, but it’s certainly cheaper than buying a brand new piece of hardware Creative Business Name.

That said the PC’s biggest disadvantage is also it’s greatest weapon. When you buy a new games console, it’s already out of date. It doesn’t matter if you bought the PS4 on the day it was released; there was already a gaming PC on the market that could beat it on processing power alone. The consoles will never be as advanced as the latest PCs because they come out every eight years. A new PC with better processors is released annually.

Also, if you buy a game on a PC, you’ve got the chance to play it how you want to, thanks to mods. Mods are modifications to gaming codes. If you’ve ever played Grand Theft Auto as Iron man, you’ll know how awesome these can be, and they are simply not possible on consoles.

The Consoles

That said, there are certainly negatives to PC gaming. For one, there’s the wait time. While PC gamers may be having fun modding the latest titles, it takes a while for them to be released. GTA V wasn’t available on PC until over a year since it had been on the PS3 and another since it had been on the next gens.

Also, it seems that developers do occasionally neglect the PC gamer. When Arkham Knight was released on PC earlier this year gamers were disappointed to find it was close to unplayable. On the consoles, it ran near perfectly and again they were forced to wait until the issues were fixed.

We can also think about the console exclusives that are never coming to PC like Uncharted, Zelda, and Mario. These games will never see the light of day on a computer. But really, if you wanted to play every game that came out you would have to buy every console and a PC.

Don’t forget that the next-generation consoles have been quite disappointing since being released. While PC gamers have been inundated with new titles to play, the must-buy titles gamers have been waiting for on consoles are yet to be released stardew valley farm names.

So, which is the right choice? Well, if you have the money, and know-how to upgrade a computer, we suggest you opt for a PC. But if you love the console exclusives and can deal with not accessing cutting-edge tech, consoles are the way forward.

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