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Types of Fragrances and How to Choose One

There are countless fragrances in the world from hundreds and thousands of brands. However, there are a select few who have managed to come to the top and are dominating the industry now. You may be thinking that it would be as simple as going into a store and simply buying one of the known brands and walking out. However, that is simply not the case as you need to know exactly what you are getting, or you could end up with a nasty surprise. In addition to that, you also need to consider the fact that shopping online may be a safer option for you with a pandemic going on.

With all that in mind, it is best to brush up your knowledge on the types of fragrances that exist and what each of them feels like. This will allow you to imagine the scent as clearly as you possibly can and buy something that you would like. We recommend that you do your buying from Sephora as they have a great collection of scents that you can choose from and get for an affordable price as well by using a Sephora discount code. Let us talk about the different fragrance families that exist in the world of perfumes.


This one is easy to understand as the name itself makes it abundantly clear. Fragrances from this family comprise of scents that make you feel like you are sniffing on a flower. Of course, there are so many flowers in nature and all of them have their unique scents that give a different experience. Perfumes created using this family of fragrances often feel, as you must have guessed already, flowery. The basic version is simply called floral and has scents that are the same as you would get from any common flower. However, there are two further categories as well, one being soft floral and the second being oriental floral. The first one is a lot more citrusy and rosier in its tones and usually combines aldehydes with florals. As for the oriental category, you get to experience scents with spicy notes and there are some fruity combinations as well.

Sephora has an amazing collection of floral perfumes that would amaze you thoroughly. Go through their collection and check for descriptions to see exactly what you are buying. Be sure to add a sephora discount code to your purchase to save some money as well.


This one is also self-explanatory and quite popular, especially in the middle eastern cultures. These fragrances usually smell like trees including cedar, pine, and sandalwood. While these are the most commonly pursued scents, you can find a lot of other textures and notes as well. there are different types of woods and naturally, the categories of scents also seem to coincide with that fact. You can either have mossy woods that have a distinct mossy scent to them like Jean Patou’s 1000. Other than that, you also have the dry woods which are distinctly woody like you would feel from sniffing an actual dry tree, or like burnt wood as well. In some cases, you may also find a mix of mossy scents in dry wood. There is also an oriental woody note which is like what you feel in sandalwood and patchouli.

You can find several amazing woody options at Sephora and they can be yours for a great price as well if you use a sephora discount code when checking out.


These are the most “refreshing” scents of all and are often quite light as well. There are multiple flavors that you can enjoy depending on your choice and it is quite easy to find a favorite in this type of fragrance. Typical notes that you can find in this type include citrus, green, water, and fruity. The citrus ones revolve around the scents that you would find in oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and some other fruits from this category as well.

Watery scents remind you of the fragrance of the sea and everything associated with it. As for the greens, they resemble fresh flowers or grass that has been freshly cut in the spring. Last is the fruity tones which are a combination of scents derived from apples, peaches, tropical fruits, plums, etc. You can find many fresh fragrances at Sephora and you can get them without spending too much money by using a Sephora discount code.

How to Choose Your Fragrance?

The answer to this question is quite simple: go for the scent that you love the most. Do not buy anything that you do not have a mental picture of as that could lead to some bad experiences. Do take advice from people who know their fragrances and then use that to make an informed decision based on your preferences. So, Whatever you end up choosing, be sure to get it from Sephora, that too for a low price by using a Sephora discount code.

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