Selling on TikTok: can we sell on this social network?

What exactly is TikTok?

It is your children’s favorite social network.

They use it because they know they won’t see you there.

For them, Facebook and Twitter, no longer exist.

They swear by Tiktok and Instagram.

This mobile application launched in 2016 allows its members to sing in playback, dance, or even take up challenges.

It is difficult to understand at first glance.

It is a gigantic network where several hundred million people communicate across the world via fun videos and music.

In reality, it is already much more than that.

It is the possibility, for a still very low price, to offer your products to millions of users.

Is it for all businesses?

At first glance, you might think not.

But we said the same thing about Instagram and Facebook not long ago…

Who would say now that we cannot sell our products or services on these networks?

But you have to do your homework, and fully understand how it works.

Understanding TikTok Users

The culture of this platform is important. If you look too much like advertising, it will be sure to fail. If you’re too smooth, the same.

Tiktokers like things creative, fun, funny (but not always).

In any case, you should NOT just repost what you have posted on other networks = guaranteed failure.

The average age on the site is between 16 and 24 but is gradually increasing (it looks strangely like the start of Instagram).

So you need to be creative and study the site well before you start.

Create cool content

You have to be creative.

And you should avoid overly professional content.

This means that the best thing to do is to take out your smartphone and create your first content without thinking too much.

You have to test things, and not get too crazy.

Don’t do just anything either.

Be yourself and everything will be fine.

Some examples of companies that are successful on TikTok


“We all get up for Danette! Does that remind you of anything? 

At the end of 2019, the brand renewed its signature with an “Always standing for Danette” and is launching a new campaign for the occasion and using TikTok to make people talk = colossal success!


For its new candy, the brand has created a challenge on TikTok: the  #MaoamChallenge.

Launched in March 2019, the challenge to TikTokers was to let go of music while chewing this candy. Incredible visibility!

Mac Donalds

In Malaysia, McDonald’s worked with TikTok to create a competition called the #BigMacTikTok challenge. To participate, users danced to one of many pre-recorded music clips with the hashtag #BigMacTikTok. After creating the video, users also had to submit their entry through the official McDonald’s mobile app. All entries won a free Big Mac and some won cash.

Start a hashtag challenge

It’s all the rage on TikTok, challenge hashtags abound and some are making incredible scores.

the concept is simple: launch an idea that will make Tiktoteurs want to use your brand’s hashtag, as Haribo did above.

If this works, you will ensure an incredible amount of engagement and interactions that will be very beneficial for your  Insurance brand.

And the TikTok influencers (Key Opinion Leaders or KOLs)? 

More and more Tiktokers are becoming real stars on the network.

If there is anyone who could talk about your products, what a godsend!

It is up to you to approach them in an honest, correct, and useful manner.

What about TikTok ads?

If you don’t feel like creating Tiktoks often, you can also use the network’s advertising platform. This will allow you to reach millions of users for a still very affordable price.

But beware!

You will still have to be creative and adapt to the style of the platform, otherwise, you will fail miserably!

Interested? Here’s how to do it:

  • Create a TikTok Ads account,
  • Create a TikTok advertising campaign,
  • Define your advertising placements and targeting,
  • Define your budget, the duration, and the objectives of your TikTok Ads campaign,
  • Design your advertising by creating your content or using Giving,
  • Optimize your TikTok ads.

The first time I opened this “thing”, I said to myself: “Am I old or is this network sucked?” “.

AND then, I came back to it… AND I saw crazy things happening!

It sounds crazy, crazy, illogical, and yet.

Yes, we can communicate and make sales on TikTok.

I couldn’t believe it myself until I saw it with my own eyes!


  • 1 What exactly is TikTok?
  • 2 Is it for all companies?
  • 3 Understanding TikTok Users
  • 4 Create cool content
  • 5 Some examples of companies that are successful on TikTok
  • 6 Start a hashtag challenge
  • 7 And the TikTok influencers (Key Opinion Leaders or KOLs)? 
  • 8 What about TikTok ads?
  • 9 To go further

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