Seagate vs. Western Digital – Which Hard Drive should you Buy?

When it comes to storage devices, Seagate and Western Digital are the brands that have no comparison to any other company. The hard drives made by both companies are highly reliable, compatible, and offer sufficient storage capacity. Rarely is there a clear winner between the two. They compete with one another in every segment of the tech market and are keen to surpass each other with advancements in storage and power efficiency. 

If you are a PC builder or an IT professional, then you will have to pick from one of these. So, to make the process simple for you, we will discuss some of the differences between both the brands and tell you whether you should choose a wd1600beae – WD Blue 160GB or a Seagate hard drive. Following are the details. 

SeagateWestern Digital 
Seagate Technology is a US-based data storage company founded in 1978. It was the pioneer in developing the 5.25-inch Hard Disk Drive and became the major microcomputer supplier. It is the leading manufacturer of storage devices used by businesses and homes to create, store, and share vital data.Western Digital is a US-based renowned manufacturer of computer hard drives which delivers different data storage solutions to businesses and homes. Founded in 1970, the WD is among the large hard drive manufacturers. 

Internal Storage 

Hard disk drives have changed massively over the 20 years: the storage sizes have grown exponentially, and power and speed have also improved. When it comes to internal storage, it basically comes down to whether you want speed or space.

Which one is Better?

The core business of st980817sm – Seagate EE25.2 Series 80GB and WD is the manufacturing of hard drives. Below is the best comparison of both the brands. 

  1. Capacity

Western Digital hard drives come with an impressive storage capacity as the company was the pioneer of designing 2 TB SATA hard disk drives. The capacity is always increasing, and recently, the company has introduced its 14 TB model, which was the first of its kind. On the other hand, the Seagate is not far beyond this competition as its desktop-class device has 10 Terabytes of capacity. Its Barracuda Pro variant has 14 Terabytes of capacity. Both the brands can provide you with what you require capacity-wise.

  • Reliability 

If you are thinking of upgrading your hard drives, you should pick a device having the best performance and reliability. Although all of the storage can fail, a reliable one can last for a longer period of time. WD External Hard Drive is an option for most users, and they consider that WD devices are the best as they consume less power, have a low failure rate, and come with top-notch reliability. 

According to the reports and customer reviews, a WD hard drive is better than a Seagate External Hard Drive. However, in terms of reliability, all of these devices are not manufactured in the same way. So, the best way to protect data is to have a backup.

  • Speed

Seagate hard drives are faster compared to WD. But apart from a high speed, the failure rate of WD hard drives is higher. On the other hand, WD devices are slower, but they are the best devices used for storage due to their stability and durability. 

Solid-State Drives

Both the brands offer speedy storage drives made to write and access your information as quickly as possible. Initially, both the companies were reluctant to invest in the SSD field; however, these days, most users demand an SSD from either of these companies. 

In terms of speed, most of the devices from both companies are practically the same and are available in a number of storage capacities. In the latest NVMe range, the 510 Firecuda is where Seagate wins. The WD Black 3D is more exclusive, although not as quick as the Firecuda 510.

External Storage Devices

For backing your personal data, External storage devices work great. Also, you can use a Seagate External Hard Drive if you want to carry the information from one place to another. Both the brands offer a wide range of external hard drives with different connectivity and capacity. The wd1600beae Blue 160GB comes with 160 Gigabytes of storage capacity, while a Seagate st980817sm EE25.2 Series 80GB possesses 80 Gigabytes. People usually prefer the colorful designs of the WD My Passport range, but the Seagate Backup Plus devices are not bad either.

So, if you are looking for security and speed, you can pick any of these devices. But when it comes to large storage capacities, WD defeats its rival as its model can provide up to 20TB of storage capacity. For an average user, either company’s hard drive would be more than enough for saving music, videos, photos, and other documents. So, if you are interested in doing a 4K or 8K video editing, then a WD storage device is your best pick.

Final Words

From the above discussion, we can simply conclude that both the brand’s design and manufactures best storage devices. Still, we have not given our recommendation regarding which brand you should pick. From our customer reviews and our own experience, we will suggest you go for a WD External Hard Drive. Its gadgets have lower failure rates and can offer more storage capacity. 

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