Screen Printing Quote Plus Merits and Demerits of Screen Prints

You may have often heard the terminology, screen printing, but: Have you any idea of screen printing? Why is it a cheaper option than digital printing? You may even be unfamiliar with the two. No worries, because we shall make things clear to you in this post to decide on choosing between the two. You can guess from the name that screen printing is the process of printing ink through screens on substrates, such as coroplast or plastic or garments, including t-shirts and hats. You can implement a screen printing quote on promotional items, such as mugs and bottles. It is a versatile and very popular method that is in use today to print a variety of blank apparel to meet the needs of individuals and business owners. Let us tell you in detail about the screen printing.

The Fundamentals of Screen Printing:-

Let us tell you in detail about the simplified process of screen printing. The printing company makes screens, which are stencils made of finely threaded mesh. Then, those screens are coated with an emulsion to make a design. As soon as the screens are coated, they are dried in a yellow room, like photographs. Once dried, they follow a ‘washed out’ process to be rinsed clean and reveal your design.

Afterward, they become ready to be pressed, and it is where a wiper pumps ink through the screen onto the substrates, one screen at a time to make the complete design. For the same reason; you are quoted about screen-printed signs, how many colors are in your artwork: 1 or 2 or 3; one screen for each color ink is required for your product. When this complete process, called the ‘set-up,’ is done, each product is printed from the screen set, no matter it is a quantity of one or one thousand.

What Are the Benefits of Screen Printing?

The Benefits of Screen Printing:-

Screen printing seems like a complex process in comparison to digital printing. Digital printed products are printed from a computer-generated design, making it a lot faster. The faster does not necessarily mean better. Screen printing is difficult on the front end, and the end product has a few advantages that are quite beneficial. Inks used in screen printing are heavier, thicker, more lively, and of better quality.

Do you get what does it mean for your products? Screen printed inks are more durable and stick to products better; thus, the color-rich designs on your screen printed t-shirt will last through numerous wash cycles than your digitally printed ones. The screen printing quote on apparel or signage will undoubtedly last longer outdoors, in contrast to digital prints. Do not forget that protective laminates are applied to digitally printed signage to assure its durability against sun damage and weathering for years to come.

There are also some other advantages of screen printing. The most noticeable is the pricing. It is inexpensive than digital printing in the long run. Once the set-up is completed, it is convenient to print large quantities. The more apparel you want to get printed, the lesser you are going to pay for it. You can screen print virtually on a round, flat, or textured surface. You can apply screen prints on mugs, caps, t-shirts, signs, and more.

Disadvantages of Screen Printing:-

Screen printing is an inexpensive technique; thus, it has some disadvantages too. Digital printing is faster and better for detailed and intricate designs with shadows, gradients, and other graphic effects. Screen printing is better for color-matching; still, inks deployed in this technique are too heavy and thick for fine lines and detailed patterns. Digital printing deploys little quantity of inks making the room to add details and a high resolution. Moreover, digital printing is a viable option to handle full-color designs, and it is impossible with screen printing. Setting up the set-up for screen printing demands loads of time, and it is not cost-effective for printing a small number of t-shirts. In digital printing, you do not need to set up anything, and there is no fee for a set-up.


Now you have seen the difference between the two printing techniques, screen printing, and digital printing, so: Which is the better of the two? It is all contingent on your project. There are advantages and disadvantages of both screen printing and digital printing. It is up to you to decide which method suits your requirements the best. Do you want to place a large order to implement a screen printing quote on numerous clothing articles at a low cost? Then, screen printing should be your go-to option. For a quick turnaround and high-resolution prints, you should opt for digital printing. You must know the main differences to measure your anticipations accordingly. Both the printing techniques have merits in the signage industry and the world of printing.

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