What are top new trends of custom rigid box? 

Why are rigid boxes gaining popularity in the world of packaging? Their increasing demand is because of their ability to pack all the luxurious and fragile items elegantly.  

Various industries prefer these boxes for packing their items. They are manufactured from high-quality wooden fabric, making the product’s packaging durable. If you are willing to offer your customers the best packaging experience, then rigid box packaging is the perfect choice to present your products.  

If you use flimsy packaging or print poorly designed graphics on the boxes, customers won’t love to purchase from you. Instead, they will run towards those brands that keep themselves updated according to the latest trends in the market.   

This blog will teach you the top new market trends for designing exclusive rigid boxes for your brand. So that you can grasp the attention of new customers while taking your business to new horizons of popularity.  

Captivating Ornamental Designs for Rigid Box 

The usage of ornamental designs in the packaging sector has gained much popularity. The same is the case with custom rigid box. You can apply bewitching ornamental designs to make your boxes look more thrilling. Many brands are implementing this trend for packaging their valuable items. Polishing the boxes with silver or gold foiling makes them look even more captivating. 

Perfect Match of Neutral Colors and Earth Tones 

Nowadays, brands and customers prefer warm earth tones and neutral colors for the boxes. This lovely combination makes your packages look classic yet striking. You can drive more potential customers towards your brand by trying out the perfect combo of earth tones and neutral colors for rigid box packaging. 

Professional Look with Flat Illustrations 

What if you overwhelm the design of a custom rigid box? Customers would not love it and may get confused with such a design. Therefore, you must go for relaxing designs for the boxes.  

You can apply flat illustrations to the boxes and give your products a more professional look. Following this trend can maximize sales while enhancing your company’s image.  

Add Uniqueness Through Different Shapes 

To make your products stand out among the crowd, you need to design exceptional packaging for boxes. You have to apply a unique shape to differentiate your products. Some notable options for the shapes to choose from could be: 

  • Window boxes 
  • Hexagon boxes 
  • Sleeve boxes 
  • Pillow boxes 
  • Gable boxes 
  • And many more… 

Focus on Balanced Layout 

Do you know what makes the customers buy your products frequently? The answer depends on your effort in designing appealing packaging boxes. A balanced layout makes the collapsible rigid box look more presentable.  

For adding the description on the boxes, choose a legible font so the customers can easily understand what’s written. It allows you to communicate clearly with the buyers, making it easier for them to take their buying decision.  

Deliver Excellence Through Finishing Effects 

There are various finishing options available that you can apply to the boxes to make your customers fall in love with your products at first glance. Popular finishing options are Gloss lamination, Spot UV, Matte coating, and gold or silver foiling.  

Integrate Technology to Increase Your Reach 

Leading packaging manufacturers employ advanced technology for developing the boxes. The latest technology is necessary to make your mark among competitors in this advanced world. By integrating high-technology innovations into your rigid box, you can quickly grasp the attention of modern customers. 

Sustainable Packaging Solution 

The concept of sustainable boxes will remain an important trend for many brands to follow. Many brands will strive to offer eco-friendly packaging for their products.  

The wholesale rigid box can be reused due to its sturdiness and thus provide a sustainable packaging solution for business entrepreneurs. By following this trend, it becomes easy for you to earn the customers’ trust while also promoting a greener society.  

Build A Story Around your Brand 

Customers are always curious about the brand from where they purchase their products. You can build a strong connection with your potential buyers by sharing your brand’s story or amazing facts on the product’s packaging. It will help you connect with your audience emotionally. They will establish a special bond with you that they won’t be able to forget ever.  

Unboxing Videos Market Your Business 

This trend will still appear for more years to come. There is no doubt that YouTube has been spoiling us with countless unboxing videos for so long. Numerous influencers love to record unboxing videos when their products are delivered in unique and attractive packaging.  

You can apply personalization features to make custom packaging look even more quirky. For example, you can use a creative hangtag with your buyer’s name. That will surely persuade the customers to record worth-remembering unboxing videos, making your boxes more popular. 

Sum Up: 

Rigid box packaging gives your company a significant competitive advantage. Give your boxes in the hands of reputable packaging manufacturers who will design them according to the market trends you want to follow. By keeping your brand up-to-date with the latest trends, customers will perceive you as trustworthy and come to you every now and then!  

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