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Rehman Habib Consultants has managed the finishing of many ventures with north than 35 years of involvement. We are one of the main designing counseling firms giving designing counseling administrations in Pakistan. Rehman Habib Specialists is an exclusive, free designing, the executive and improvement benefits firm. Rehman Habib Specialists has supervised the fruition of many tasks with more than 35 years of involvement. It has been chosen as one of the top designing specialists in the country.

What We Give

Rehman Habib Consultants give autonomous aptitude in designing related fields to government, industry, engineers, and different organizations. Our point is to set industry norms for administration, quality, morals, risk to the board, well-being, or more all client care. Might it be said that you are looking through out a principal designing specialist? Where others fizzle, we arrive at get together the best prerequisites required withinside the designing field.

The job of development experts

Development experts and their organizations help clients in directing compelling venture readiness, including assessing costs, creating spending plans, choosing workers for hire, overseeing agreements, and settling debates among workers for hire and task proprietors.

The job of the designing plan advisor

This is an exceptionally serious field and our designing plan experts are an or more for any organization. Rehman Habib Consultants utilizes experts with 15 years of involvement with the field and we are certain that they have the skill to deal with the plan of mind boggling structures effortlessly.

Foundation and different activities, for example, streets, burrows, spans, air terminals, rail lines, utilities, structures, dams and utilities are planned, arranged, developed and oversaw by designing plan experts.

The job of the venture the executives specialist

A task control delegate is a master who prompts various gatherings on task control. On the off chance that an organization needs project the executives abilities or requirements project the board direction from an impartial external source, it can recruit a task the board firm.

The job of designing association

Proficient designing associations permit engineers working in a particular specialized region or who have normal interests and specialized information to direct proficient practice, impact public strategy, and impact the customs and notoriety of the calling. It is the essential channel for continuing designing firms responsible for planning, observing, assessing, directing and finishing work. Rehman Habib Consultants is a full help structural designing counseling bunch work in the examination, plan and execution of common framework, expressway, transportation and utilities projects.

Convey framework needs

We create, plan and convey foundation needs huge and little, government framework from origination to the end. We give foundation counseling and arrangements from the vision and expert arranging stage to development. By using the most recent innovation and being at the front of the BIM framework, we accomplish remarkable degrees of value and effectiveness in plan, and convey huge enhanced our clients.

The consistent degree of joint effort between our framework group and numerous representatives, from draftsmen to dominate organizers to maintainability specialists to cost experts, has created our administrations a staple that can convey multidisciplinary projects.

Structural designing projects

For a really long time, our designed arrangements have been the groundwork of huge scope structural designing projects, guaranteeing the progress of basic foundation. These undertakings are the foundation of monetary, common and social improvement in numerous worldwide business sectors. We are glad to reflect obligation to working on the personal satisfaction, guaranteeing the flourishing of our networks and safeguarding our common habitat.

Rehman Habib Consultants engineers perfect about experts. Each fills a feeling of need and an energy for making superior execution, asset proficient, venture grade foundation deserving of the proprietors and clients they serve. It holds the proprietor’s advantage in the undertaking, including practicality over the long haul, innovation movement, and dynamic reinventing of destinations and framework as use changes. We carry our clients nearer to the right responses by organizing developments with significant and effective inquiries.

New advances and man-made materials

Man-made framework all over the planet is being upset by the utilization of new innovations and man-made materials. Along with our master accomplices in the Maintainability Gathering, Rehman Habib Specialists remarkably addresses the cruel natural contemplations. Specialized difficulties of an evolving environment, working out in a good way past regular asset protection to work, keep up with, and fix foundation, including versatility.

In view of the new quality norms that came into force in September 2015. We were the principal in the Center East and the second on the planet to get ISO 9001:2015 certificate. The two confirmations cover ace framework arranging, plan designing, and warning administrations connected with water, wastewater, climate, transportation, energy, and media communications.

Huge venture and complete arrangement

Foundation projects require critical speculation and require far reaching arrangements. That are savvy, productive and practical and conveyed in a very much oversaw risk climate. We offer a total designing plan administration for a wide range of ventures, from idea to substantial arrangements. Our group utilizes the furthest down the line innovation to give long haul green. Reasonable foundation configuration administrations to lessen costs, work on quality, and convey projects quicker.

To wrap things up, to increment plan proficiency and make the structure interaction more proficient and less tedious. We have coordinated BIM displaying administrations into each plan project we embrace. Surpass cost focuses without compromising undertaking quality.

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