Obtaining a Gas Safety Certificate for UK Home in 2023

If your home or apartment does not already have one, consider getting one. The simplest method is to contact the Gas Safe Register and request a list of engineers in your region who are known to have the necessary training to issue such a certificate. A Landlord Gas Safety Certificate for your house might cost between £50 and £100, depending on the number of gas-powered equipment you have and the engineer you hire. The inspection should only take around an hour, so if you try to get the certificate before looking for buyers, it won’t take long for your home to sell.

One incentive to get a certificate before selling is that potential purchasers may inquire if you have one. They might only want to buy your house if you do. However, this only sometimes implies that you must spend the time and money to obtain a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. You may call a company that buys houses quickly, such as LDN Properties. They may be eager to acquire your house or flat promptly and fairly, even if you never have a gas certificate.

How to Sell a House If You Don’t Have a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

You only have to obtain a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate before selling your home if you are not the landlord of the property you own and are also attempting to sell. The next decision is whether to sell the house or flat through an estate agent, to a quick buyer, at an auction, or on your own. All four solutions offer evident advantages, but some have significant disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Writing out your most important goals, such as how long you are willing to wait to find a buyer, how much you want to sell it for, and whether or not you are willing to pay a commission, is the easiest method to figure out how to sell something. Compare that data to the specifics of each selling method listed below. This should assist you in determining which strategy is ideal for your objectives and needs.

Selling a house through an estate agent

A traditional way of selling a home is through an estate agent, who will perform most of the legwork in finding a buyer. This begins with creating a listing for your home that defines it and includes photos, followed by advertising it online, in local media, and their offices. They will also arrange showings for prospective purchasers and handle any bids you receive.

Estate brokers typically charge owners a commission based on the home’s final sale price. This fee will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale, so you should be aware that this will increase your total selling costs. It’s also not the quickest way to sell a house, especially if it needs a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, which some purchasers may consider a disadvantage. In the worst-case scenario, selling takes a lengthy period, often months or even a year. Estate agents are only one of the most excellent options if you want to sell your home quickly.

Furthermore, some real estate agents may need to learn how to attract buyers interested in a home that lacks a gas certificate, especially if this is the first time they have sold this type of property. It would help if you inquired with each estate agent whether they have ever attempted to sell a home without a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. You should only try them if they have been successful in the past.

Obtaining a rapid sale

Fast property buyers have the funds to purchase a home right away rather than wait several months for a mortgage to meet the transaction costs. This frequently reduces the time it takes to sell this method to a few weeks, including the critical stages of exchanging contracts and sending the money to the owners.

One of the best things about these organizations is that they may make offers to buy practically any home, including those that some buyers may regard as “problem” homes due to issues such as structural deterioration or a lack of a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. These organizations can make reasonable and competitive bids on practically any house, regardless of how old, broken, misshapen, or oversized it is.

For example, LDN Properties was established in 2003. Since then, it has purchased or considered purchasing a diverse range of properties, including those lacking a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, vandalized properties, student flats, mundic houses, homes without planning permission, bed and breakfast properties, flats near unsightly power lines, flats near railway lines, prefabricated houses, plots of land, flats with dry, hot water, and properties with solar panels.

Legitimate rapid home buyers do not charge commissions when they buy houses, so you can be confident that you will receive real money from the transaction. When you sell to an estate agent or auctioneer, however, you will have to pay them fees out of the proceeds, which will add to the cost of trying to sell your property.

Because they don’t have to pay any fees and can close the deal swiftly, fast purchasers are typically the most excellent option for homeowners who want to sell their houses quickly and for a fair price.

Auctioning something off 

Auction can be risky since you never know how much your home will sell for or whether anyone will bid on it, which means it will not sell. You’ll decide on a “reserve price,” which is the lowest price you’ll accept for your property. Ensure that the reserve price you select includes the commission you must pay the auctioneer for advertising and selling your home or apartment.

Most auctioneer fees are determined by how much a home without a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate can sell at Auction. Because of the delays, there are better ways to sell a home than this. You will have to wait many weeks or longer between the first listing of your home for sale and the auction day. If the flat or house does sell, the buyer has an average of 28 days to complete the purchase of your residence.

Some auctioneers may allow buyers additional time to complete the sale, while others may establish stricter deadlines. Ask each auctioneer what the deadline will be, and if possible, persuade them to shorten it for your sale.

When selling on your own

When you sell anything yourself, you don’t have to pay a commission to a third party, such as an estate agent or auctioneer. However, it would help if you put in a lot of effort. You will need to establish and advertise a listing for your house, set up and host showings, and deal with buyer offers, hopefully to the contract to sign. This could take a lot of time and effort, so only do it if you’ve previously sold houses or have a skilled family member or friend ready to help you for free.

If you don’t do it correctly, it might not be easy and take more than a year. If you don’t want to pay a commission while selling your house, consider selling to a quick buyer instead. You will not be charged any fees, and your home will be sold in a matter of weeks.

Top questions and answers about selling without a gas safety certificate

Homeowners who want to sell their house quickly frequently ask our team a few things. These inquiries can range from how to prepare a home for sale to how many repairs must be completed before the sale. Some of the essential questions about selling without a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate.

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