Trend-Setting Nail Polish Packaging Designs

Nail polishes are cosmetic products that are used by people all over the world. The nail polish itself is in a small bottle of glass that needs to be packaged properly. If not packed properly, then the chances of the product getting damaged increases. The nail polish boxes wholesale has made it possible to avail such packaging boxes in bulk quantities at lower prices. These boxes are manufactured from rigid and sturdy materials like kraft cardstock, corrugated stock, or Bux board. These are environmentally friendly materials that naturally come in brown color.

The coloring of the box can be changed by using premium printing technologies along with a special color scheme like CMYK or PMS. The boxes made out of these materials can be easily recycled and reused because of their biodegradable nature. Various finishing coats are available to make these boxes look more attractive and enticing. These coats include laminations, metallic foiling, raised ink, and embossing techniques. 

The nail polish boxes wholesale allows the opportunity to purchase more packages at a low cost. Fresh startup businesses and small business owners don’t have a very vast budget for packaging. So, they are making the best out of this wholesale offer. These boxes are made out of flexible materials that allow you to customize them in any given specific shape and design. Here we are going to discuss some of the most trendy and stylish nail polish packaging designs. 

1-  Custom Die-Cut Boxes

The custom nail polish boxes are made out of using premium quality raw materials and the best manufacturing techniques. These boxes can be easily modified and transformed into specific designs and styles as per the requirement of the product. The die-cut window box designs are specifically more popular among businesses these days. They have a window on the box, which is covered with a transparent sheet. These windows allow visibility to the features of inside packed items. These boxes allow potential customers to see the packaged product that is nail polish. When the audience can see and assess the shades of packaged nail polishes, they are more inclined towards buying that product. 

These boxes are being used to attract more audience towards the product. Other than this feature, these boxes make the packed product stand out in the competitive market industry. This helps in the increased sales of the business as well. 

2-   Custom Insert Packaging Boxes

The nail polish boxes allow easy customization. This means that you can change the shape or size of the box according to your demand. These boxes come in various sizes, from large to medium to even small. This way, they can easily encase products of different sizes. Such aspects also help in the protection of the product from the outer atmosphere. 

When these boxes are used to accommodate multiple nail polishes at the same time, then you can select a bigger size box. Besides this, the business can also opt for custom insert packaging boxes. These inserts help in preventing the unnecessary movements of these nail polishes. The unnecessary movements, if not controlled, can otherwise result in the breakage of the products. These custom inserts also place the desired product firmly inside the package. This way, the nail polishes stay intact throughout the whole time and even during the shipping process. 

3-   Sleeve Packaging Boxes

The nail polish boxes packaging can be customized into every possible design and shape to cater to the need of the product. There are so many designs available for packaging from which you can easily choose. One of the sleekest and most attractive designs is sleeve boxes. These are luxury boxes that are used to display fancy and expensive products. 

These boxes consist of two parts, the upper sleeve and the bottom tray. The sleeve provides effective protection to the packed product from moisture, heat, microbes, dirt, and dust, etc. In contrast, the bottom tray is used to hold and carry the products easily. These boxes are manufactured from some of the best materials and can easily support the weight of the packaging product. These boxes not only exquisitely present the nail polishes but also make them stand out. Because of these above-mentioned features, this box design is considered ideal for the packing of fancy and branded nail polishes. 

4-   Printed Kraft Boxes

The nail polish boxes USA provides the option to choose all the features of these nail polish packaging boxes. From materials to color to the shape and design and even the finishing coats etc., you can choose as per your preference. The kraft is an eco-friendly printable material that is also flexible and pliable. So by taking the precise measurements of the packaging product, you can create the exact size boxes. Besides, you may also change the color of the box as per the color of the nail polish.

This feature helps the customers as they don’t have to spend time opening the box just to find the right shade. Through printing, you can display beautiful and trendy pattern designs on these boxes. By knowing the nature of your audience, you can display prints in the right color combinations. This will attract potential customers to the product and help in boosting sales of the business. 

To make these boxes more enticing and captivating, various finishing coats are also available. You can opt for these coats to give them a more trendy and attractive appearance. For example, when these packages are used for shiny nail polishes, then you can go for glossy lamination. This will give them a scintillating and shiny appearance. Such a strategy helps in making the product and the business make their mark in the marketplace.

The nail polish boxes option is a striking offer that allows businesses to avail more packages at much lower prices. The lower price does not mean that the integrity of the box will be compromised. The quality and standard of the boxes will remain the same. You can opt for different styles and designs of packaging as per your product demand. Above, we have mentioned some of the most trendy styles of the boxes. You can either choose from these designs or can create some distinctive style to make your product and business popular.

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