Monkey Holding Box? An Honest Mistake or a SEO Trick


You’ve probably seen the error in your search results before. Purportedly, it’s a “Monkey Holding a Box” error. Here’s what you need to know about it and why you should be wary of this SEO trick.

Google VS Other Search Engines

If you’re not familiar with the way search engines work, here is a quick breakdown of how they differ:

  • Google – The biggest and most popular search engine. It uses an algorithm called PageRank to determine which results are relevant to your query. This algorithm is proprietary and secret, so we don’t know exactly how it works; however, we do know that quality content tends to rank higher in Google than other types of content (like keyword stuffing).
  • Bing – Second largest search engine in the world behind Google. Although Bing does use an algorithm similar to PageRank for its ranking system, it also employs human editors who manually review sites that are submitted for inclusion on its index to ensure their quality meets certain standards set by Microsoft engineers before ultimately being added as part of its database.
  • Yahoo! – Third largest search engine in terms of market share worldwide (after Google and Bing), Yahoo! also uses both algorithms and human editors when evaluating websites but only accepts those submitted through its own system rather than via third parties like Google or Bing do

The Error

The Monkey Holding a Box is an example of a perfectly normal stock photo that has been taken out of context and given an entirely new meaning. The simple truth is, there’s no monkey holding a box. There’s simply a monkey sitting on a rock with his arm folded, looking off into the distance as if he were trying to make sense of his own existence in that moment. It’s not too hard to imagine how this could have happened: perhaps the photographer was trying to capture something more interesting than just the face of the monkey, or maybe they got distracted by something else while taking the picture. Either way, it seems like they just accidentally forgot their main subject was supposed to be holding something in their hand – which means we can’t blame him for not getting what he wanted!

Need for Development

While the need for development is a no-brainer, SEO is not only about keyword stuffing and on-page optimization. In fact, it’s more about off-page SEO marketing.

This means that you have to get your website in front of people who are actively searching for your products or services online. That’s why we’re here at [company name], providing expert search engine optimization services so that you get found by your ideal customers when they need what you offer the most!

The Real Reason behind the Error

The “Monkey Holding Box” is not an error at all. It’s actually a result of an SEO trick that allows your site to rank high on Google searches. The trick involves using keywords in the structure of your webpage that match the terms users are searching for, which helps you gain visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The error was first noticed by web developer Ben McAllister at Macworld on November 9th, 2009 while he was browsing the social news website Reddit and saw this meme:

The Worst Part

The worst part about this is that it is not the first time that this has happened and it will not be the last time. Google’s algorithms are programmed by humans, and sometimes humans make mistakes. It is not their fault that they made a mistake here, but it does mean that your SEO strategy could be affected in some way.

The developers who have made these mistakes are responsible for fixing them as soon as possible so you can get back to working on what matters most – building a great product!

Take Away

The most important takeaway from this article is that Google is the king of search engines, and all other search engines are not as good as Google. The reason for this is because Google is always trying to improve their search engine by making mistakes and fixing them later on. This error was a perfect example of how they are trying to make their ranking system more accurate so you get the best results when searching for something online.

Google will fix this error soon, but don’t worry! You still have plenty of time before it comes back online!


As you can see, SEO has a lot of room for error. It’s difficult to get it right all the time and even if you do, there is always room for improvement. The best way to avoid this kind of mistake is by doing your research before making any changes on your website and monitoring how they affect your rankings. If you notice any sudden drops or increases in traffic then it may be time to call in some experts!

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