Hitachi microwave oven Repair Service

The Hitachi microwave oven MRO -VS8, which I bought a new one three and a half years ago, has an error display H54 and can no longer heat it. However, it wasn’t always NG. But it was half and half when I could warm up and when I couldn’t do it at all. So I cheated and used it for a while after the symptoms started. But for the past week, it’s almost useless. I had no choice but to make a quick call to the professional microwave oven repair service center where I purchased it.

Fortunately, the microwave oven repair service long-term free warranty period. (up to 4 years after purchase) was just in time, and it turned out that we only paid for the parts and travel expenses. Thinking that this might a message from God. After contacting the microwave oven repair service center. A Hitachi serviceman with our microwave oven repair service came 3 days later and immediately started repairs.

Technical Errors in Microwave Oven

The serviceman who was in charge, recently. There has the increasing number of requests for repairs of the same type of machine. However, every time the door opened and closed, the internal wiring gradually cracks due to metal fatigue, and eventually. If even one of the many thin wires in the ribbon cable breaks. The protective function of the main unit will lost. It said that it will work and stop the warming function itself.

Fixations and Solutions

The broken cable on the bottom left, and the new ribbon cable with measures against disconnection on the top right. According to the serviceman, this new ribbon cable for connecting the door has already partially treated with something like a slightly thicker vinyl tape to protect the bent part that was not attached to the original one. It seems that the manufacturer side also understands the cause of the failure.

Always Consult with a Professional

Personally, I think the manufacturer Hitachi should recall all applicable products free of charge. By the way, the microwave oven I used before was also made by Hitachi, but it had trouble-free for 13 years, but I had already recovered enough, so I bought a new microwave oven that broke down about 3 years ago. I bought it. But I should consult with a professional microwave oven repair serviceman before buying a new microwave oven.

Therefore, I honestly think that the fact that it breaks down within three years after purchasing a new product a design defect in the first place. However, it can’t helped if I complain to the serviceman who came to me with my dissatisfaction, so I obediently asked him to replace the part this time.

Expenses incurred

In addition, the final repair cost was 4,235 AED in UAE (including consumption tax), consisting of 350 AED for parts (1 ribbon cable with countermeasures), 3,500 AED for travel expenses, and 385 AED for consumption tax. After that, how many years will the ribbon cable that has replaced this time last? I would appreciate it if you could refer to those who are in trouble with the same failure.

Another microwave oven RE-S300

Well, today, let’s disassemble the microwave oven that broke yesterday. This microwave oven a microwave oven RE-S300, which Tom bought when he was 38 years old when he went to Tokyo for a job away from home. I have using it for 14-15 years already.

The symptom of the failure that when you press the start button, you hear a “boom” and it feels a little scary. And the food doesn’t get warm.

Well, what the situation inside? It’s the first time Tom has ever opened a microwave, so he’s curious.

This a magnetron

This a high-frequency (2.45GHz) electromagnetic wave generator, a magnetron. It hits molecules with high-frequency electromagnetic waves. And the molecules vibrate and generate heat, which warms the food. The magnetron guaranteed for 2 years.

Step-up transformer

This a transformer that steps up the drive signal from the inverter to several thousand volts.


This a capacitor. If this deteriorates over time, it will l short-circuited and broken.


This the inverter part. If the above shorted, the fuse behind it will blow. I took a picture of this fuse and enlarged it, but it seems that the fuse has not blown. When the fuse blows the most, it seems that it will not said either.

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