Microsoft Power Automate: Drive transformation with robotic process automation(RPA)

Robotic process automation makes significant impact to enterprises. Organizations today largely use automation technologies to automate business processes and enhance productivity and efficiency.

Many businesses have embraced robotic process automation (RPA) with the focus on bringing speed and accuracy to business operations. This free up employee time for more critical thinking and other important activities.

Well-known automation tool available in the market now is Microsoft Power Automate which is a suite of Robotic Process Automation tools.

Before going deeper, we must understand what robotic process automation is.

Robotic Process Automation

What is RPA?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) refers to business process automation that allows everyone to define set of instructions for robots to perform specific task. Robot in RPA is the software robot that has the ability to imitate tasks of human employees. The tasks often include pulling out data, filling in forms, customer service and finance processes, moving files, and more.

By automating some of the repetitive and routine processes in the workplace, RPA promises to accelerate efficiency for your business.

Robotic Process Automation and artificial intelligence

Is there any difference between RPA and AI?

It may seem both RPA and artificial intelligence are same concepts, but they are not. RPA is process oriented where as artificial intelligence is data oriented. AI uses machine learning, speech recognition, natural language processing (NLP) and analysis.

In robotic process automation software bots follow the processes defined by users. AI bots use machine learning to identify and learn patterns in data. Simply put, AI is emulates human intelligence while RPA follows human-directed jobs.

Both reduce human intervention, but the approach they adopt in automating business processes is different.

In which areas is RPA most effective?

The use of RPA is generating positive effects across various industries. The adoption has grown at rapid rate than ever before. Now RPA remains as the best solution to drive productivity, growth and revenue. The range of sectors that widely use RPA includes manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, customer service, retail, hospitality, and health care.

  • Financial institutions: Automate data migration between applications, customer account openings, report generation, inquiry processing, loans claim processing, update receipts and to manage high-volume data entry.
  • Health Care: Automate patient data validation, reporting, medical bill processing, insurance data, claim status, prescription management, patient scheduling, clinical documentation, and more.
  • Manufacturing: Automation of inventory, logistics, warehouse and supply chain activities, data validation, product pricing and comparisons, invoice processing and more.
  • Customer Service: Automated email sending and SMS messages, adding customer data, customer information checks and more.
  • Retail: RPA assists into managing inventory, warehouse management, order management, fraud detection, supply chain  operations, feedback processing, and returns processing. Automate pricing, collect information from registers, and messaging to customers and vendors to improve experience

RPA with Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you are using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application, there is no need to develop solutions to automate business processes. Rather, you can use Microsoft Power Automate to develop the RPA. The manual process that use standard Dynamics 365 functionality can be automated by keeping Dynamics 365 as standard as possible.

You can use RPA with D365 Customer Service and D365 Finance and Supply Chain Management to automate common activities on Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Supply Chain Management, and Finance. Make your Dynamics 365 more productive, save time and eliminate errors with Microsoft Power Automate desktop.

Dynamics 365 RPA solution offers

  • Low-code capability to create work flows
  • Easy integration with Dynamics 365 applications and other enterprise systems
  • Easy to configure and monitor
  • High security

What are the benefits of Robotic Process Automation?

Low coding: Everyone in your organization can automate processes using RPA capability. Low-code and drag-and-drop tools makes it easy even for non technical staff to create automation

Cost savings: As the RPA eliminates the workload of your staff, they can be assigned to other works that need human intervention. This improves productivity and reduce operational costs.

Improves customer satisfaction: Since software bots and chatbots intelligently handle business processes and customer queries, it significantly reduces customer waiting time leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Better accuracy: Since RPA is programmed to follow specific process workflow and logic, there is zero chance of error, particularly for the work that requires accuracy.

Cause no disruptions to other systems: RPA doesn’t cause any disruption to underlying systems, because software bots work on the top layer of the applications.

How does Microsoft Power Automate be useful for your business?

Microsoft Power Automate is part of Microsoft Power Platform designed to automate business processes.

The robotic process automation capability in Microsoft Power Automate helps you create software bots to automate the critical business processes. Using the bots, you can automate repetitive processes in the applications – an ideal fit for high-volume routine data entry and transfer tasks. Reasonably priced, easy to use Power Automate makes robotic process automation accessible to small and medium sized enterprises.

Power Automate integrates easily with Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps and other Microsoft products, enabling you to easily implement automation across processes. You can train and deploy software bots more easily and affordably.

  • Power Automate support endless tasks
  • Scale automation at large across your organization
  • Securely implement automation
  • Accelerate productivity and reduce operational costs
  • Combine AI to increase automation efficiency

Need help getting started with Power Automate?

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