Mastermind Toys

Mastermind Toys is a brand of children’s toys manufactured by Mastermind LP, a toy company based in Toronto, Canada. The company was founded by Jonathan and Andy Levy in 1984, and is now privately owned by Birch Hill Private Equity. This article examines some of the company’s most popular products. Read on for more information. The company also offers gift sets, puzzles, and other toys.


Mastermind Toys has implemented a new digital communication platform called “Nudge” that helps frontline and deskless associates share feedback in real time. The platform is designed to help businesses improve their communication and foster innovation through employee insights. In two months, Mastermind Toys associates shared almost 9,000 ideas, from curbside pickup to window displays during store closures. The company has implemented similar technology to improve employee engagement and sales.

The companies acquired by Nudge include Axonify, Telus, and Sporting Life. Axonify was founded in 2011 and claims to have 160 enterprise customers, including Walmart, Levi’s, and Merck. In addition to Mastermind Toys, Axonify serves several other large companies. Nudge’s acquisition of Axonify expands the company’s product offering. Axonify will be a key player in the new venture.

Nudge enables associates to become digital ambassadors for a brand. Mastermind Toys associates use this new tool to help customers navigate its digital channels and create a seamless shopping experience. Mastermind Toys associates also increased their knowledge of the Digital Ambassador program by 22% and had more confidence supporting customers online. As a result, Nudge has become a key player in the world of omnichannel retail.

Nudge’s recent acquisition of Axonify will allow it to bring the company’s two-way communications platform together with the adaptive microlearning methodology of Axonify. This will enable the companies to deliver a complete approach to employee learning. Nudge’s two-way platform will support the company’s ability to reach a wide range of business objectives. It is a natural partner for Mastermind Toys as it can provide its customers with a unique two-way communications platform.

Shopify Plus Certified Apps

Whether you’re selling Mastermind Toys or anything else, Shopify Plus Certified Apps can make the process a breeze. The program gives you a customized badge and allows you to promote your store across various assets, including online and offline stores. Shopify Plus certified apps also offer heightened visibility for your Plus merchants. Here are three reasons why. Read on to find out more. Read on to learn how.

Stream Commerce, a Shopify Plus Agency Partner, allows Mastermind Toys to offer online shopping, curbside pickup, and signature gift-wrapping services. Shopify Plus Certified Apps also allow for personalization, robust product search, live chat with store associates, and integration with the Perks loyalty program. These features make the online store the ultimate destination for Mastermind Toys customers.

Fast Simon, a leader in AI-powered shopping optimization, has a customer roster of over ten million. The company also specializes in guiding Shopify merchants through the process of building and using Shopify Plus certified apps. The company’s Shopify Plus business has grown by more than sixty percent year-over-year. The company also recently expanded its Shopify Plus Certified App Program Partner program, which helps merchants build better apps.

World Wildlife Fund Canada, a nonprofit focused on saving Canadian wildlife, offers a symbolic adoption kit that includes a WWF-Canada tote bag, a certificate of adoption, and a plush toy. The team credits Shopify themes for the rapid growth of their online store. Using Shopify, the team was able to launch their first marketing campaign within eight weeks. The mastermind toys team attributes Shopify themes for its speed and ease.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) shopping optimization solution

Fast Simon has enabled Mastermind Toys to improve the customer experience and drive sales through its AI shopping optimization solution. This solution enables Mastermind Toys to match shopper intent with unique product collections, including gift finders. By using Fast Simon, the specialty toy retailer has increased online sales by 300% in the past year. The company has also updated its stores, creating modern spaces such as Woo-hoo HQs, blending the physical with digital experiences to create a unique brand experience for children of all ages.

Mastermind Toys’ new omnichannel strategy had to embody its world-class in-store experience and deliver exciting new discoveries at every turn. The company needed to deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels while still offering gifts that kids at heart would remember for years to come. To do this, Mastermind Toys needed a solution that could handle the challenges that come with omnichannel shopping.

World-class in-store experiences

Jordan is thrilled to lead Mastermind Toys in its retail evolution and is eager to see what the holiday season will bring. His natural acumen for the role has already paid dividends for the toy company. He remains focused on continuous improvement and describes the brand’s transformation as a multi-year journey. The brand’s strategy of engaging employees as part of the culture-shifting process has paid off.

The new online store enables customers to browse the extensive selection of products, arrange for curbside pickup within an hour, and even add their own signature gift-wrapping to their order. The new site leverages Shopify Plus Certified Apps to provide an interactive experience that allows the consumer to interact with store associates through live chat and contactless curbside pickup. The company also integrates its loyalty program, Perks, into the experience.

The company’s new digital platform is a game-changing initiative for retail. It aims to provide customers with a superior experience across the entire customer journey. In-store experiences are key to the brand’s success. During the first 100 days, the CEO should become acquainted with the organization. It’s important to make sure that your online presence is delivering the same experiences as the in-store experience.

With 68 retail locations in Canada, Mastermind Toys is the Authority on Play. They believe that playing is children’s work and strive to provide a world-class shopping experience to all customers. Besides their incredible assortment of toys, Mastermind Toys also offers signature gift wrapping and a loyalty program. This is a unique opportunity for Mastermind to drive brand awareness. When they approached Matt Litzinger, president of The Local Collective, he was delighted to win their business.

Contactless curbside pickup

A Calgary based retailer specializing in high-quality toys has become known for implementing curbside pickup and other initiatives to enhance customer engagement. The company also has delivery services in Okotoks and Calgary, as well as shipping available for purchases made online. Mastermind Toys is a large Canadian toy chain with 68 locations across the country. In addition to curbside pickup, the retailer also has a comprehensive online store.

To support this innovative new service, Mastermind Toys deployed the Nudge platform across its store network in two weeks. This new tool empowered store associates to quickly and easily solve problems and reach sales goals, while inspiring their peers to be more innovative. Within two months, associates shared almost 9,000 ideas on the app, ranging from the new curbside pickup service to innovative window displays during store closures. To support the implementation of curbside pickup, the company deployed the Nudge platform to enhance communication between associates and customers.

Mastermind Toys is Canada’s Authority on Play. The company’s 68 locations across Canada are home to an extensive selection of toys, games, books, and puzzles. The company’s ethos is that play is children’s work and the ultimate goal is to create an environment that enables curiosity to take hold. With a commitment to providing the best possible customer experience, it’s no wonder that the company has received numerous awards and accolades.

After the pandemic, Mastermind Toys’ online presence increased ten per cent during November. While it was under pressure from retailers in Manitoba and Ontario, it was still able to post its best month ever in November, despite the heightened level of uncertainty. While the company has seen a significant boost in sales, heightened competition from large retailers and online marketplaces has prompted the company to reinvent its digital strategy. Through the four pillars of the strategy, Mastermind Toys was able to increase customer acquisition by bringing in-store delight into the digital realm.

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