Mastermind Toys – Ways to Make Your Shopping Easier

Mastermind LP, trading as Mastermind Toys, is a Canadian toy company. Its head office is in Scarborough, Toronto, and the company was founded by Jonathan Levy and Andy Levy in 1984. Birch Hill Private Equity owns the company. Its toys are sold in dozens of retail locations across Canada. Despite its success, there are still many consumers who aren’t convinced of the brand.


In October 2020, Mastermind Toys rolled out a new app called Nudge to its associates. Within two months, associates shared 9,000 best practices. In addition to sharing ideas, they also received 780 employee recognition pins and shared 1,500 messages. Through the app, Mastermind Toys associates helped each other solve problems and achieve sales goals. Within just two months, associates contributed nearly 9,000 ideas and shared them with their peers. These innovations ranged from an in-store curbside pickup program to a window display program during store closures.

The combination of these two companies is a big win for the latter. Nudge’s platform will help its customers find a better way to work. The software helps users make better decisions based on context and personal preferences. It also helps managers find new ways to motivate their employees. For example, Nudge users can share their favorite products with colleagues. The two companies will continue to work together to provide the best solution for the market.

The Mastermind Toys brand has been a leading specialty toy retailer for over 37 years. Today, the company operates 68 stores coast-to-coast. The company is regarded as Canada’s Authority on Play, with associates who are known as Play Experts offering guidance and advice. The company also faced increased competition from online marketplaces and big box retailers. Ultimately, Mastermind Toys had to find ways to bring the in-store delight to the digital world and continue to grow its customer base.

Shopify Plus Certified Apps

Mastermind toys are a popular category on the Shopify Plus Certified Apps directory. Shopify has partnered with several technology partners to ensure that its platform will continue to serve the needs of its merchants. Each of these partners has developed a solution to address one of the most important challenges facing modern eCommerce merchants. For example, Attentive is a text message marketing solution designed specifically for modern Shopify brands.

Mastermind Toys wanted to make their online shopping experience a personalized one, and this meant integrating Shopify Plus Certified Apps to offer an enhanced customer experience. For example, Stream Commerce, a Shopify Plus Agency Partner, helped the company set up a new online store where customers can purchase toys and arrange curbside pick up. They also included an easy-to-use Gift Finder tool for their online shoppers and integrated Shopify’s Perks loyalty program.

Another Shopify Plus Certified App for mastermind toys is Fast Simon. This company provides AI-powered shopping optimization and increased its customer roster in 2018. In addition to its Mastermind Toys-related customers, Fast Simon now boasts a customer list that includes Juicy Couture, Sports Illustrated Shop, and Spyder. The company has an impressive growth rate of 65% year-over-year.

Contactless curbside pickup

Toy retailers are increasingly focusing on the customer experience, and curbside pickup has become an integral part of this process. For Mastermind Toys, this means more than just an easy online ordering system – it means a better shopping experience for the customer. The company’s CEO, Sarah Jordan, has outlined some of the ways that customers can make their online purchases easier and more enjoyable. Here are five ways to make your shopping experience even more convenient.

First, Mastermind Toys has introduced HQs, spaces in its stores where customers can pick up online orders. This innovation has helped Mastermind Toys to become an omni-channel retailer. With this new service, customers can buy toys online and arrange for curbside pickup within an hour. Customers can also choose to add a signature gift wrap to the package. With Shopify Plus Certified Apps, this company has incorporated live chat with store associates, as well as integration with the Perks loyalty program.

Mastermind Toys is a leading children’s specialty retailer in Canada, with 68 locations throughout the country. The company’s philosophy is that play is children’s work. To this end, Mastermind Toys strives to offer customers a world-class shopping experience, from signature gift wrapping to a loyalty program. In this context, the company approached Matt Litzinger, president of The Local Collective, about the opportunity to offer curbside pickup.

World-class in-store experiences

The CEO of Mastermind Toys, Sarah Jordan, is a seasoned business executive. After transforming the toy industry for the digital age, she identified an opportunity to drive brand awareness, drive loyalty, and improve the in-store experience for customers. With a background in management consulting and financial services, Jordan had extensive experience in the retail sector, omnichannel offerings, and digital initiatives. Her passion for customer experience and engagement is apparent in the success of Mastermind Toys.

After the implementation of Nudge, Mastermind Toys transformed their associates into “digital ambassadors” to guide customers through the company’s various digital channels. This helped create a seamless experience for customers. Nudge enabled associates to share real-time feedback and encourage collaboration between peers. In two months, Mastermind Toys associates shared almost 9,000 ideas and made over 2,000 recommendations. These ideas ranged from launching a curbside pick-up program to adding window displays to a store during closing hours.

Mastermind Toys’ namebrand brand is the result of almost 40 years of experience in retail and design. Their mission is to create a brand that inspires lifelong learners through play. Lowry is currently Head of Private Brand and previously worked at Indigo Books & Music Inc. and the Hudson’s Bay Company, where she created the HBC Stripes Collection. In her current role, Lowry focuses on the design of toys with quality and performance in mind.

Customer-obsessed culture

Customer obsession is a philosophy of exceeding customers’ expectations in all aspects of their experience. It is a culture that focuses on the customer, from their first interaction with a product to the end-of-the-sale experience. Using the example of Disneyland, Walt Disney walked the grounds to identify problems and develop a solution. By putting customers first, Mastermind has cultivated a customer-obsessed culture in its business.

The company has created a culture where associates help customers choose the right gift or product for their child. Its new website, with a mobile-first design, features a highly interactive curated boutique that makes browsing easier. It has also partnered with technology partners to streamline the online shopping experience and simplify its product selection. Customer feedback is the driving force behind innovation and growth at Mastermind Toys.

Since 1984, Mastermind Toys has grown to 68 locations in Canada. Their in-store customer service is renowned, and they have won several awards for this service. The company’s exemplary customer service is the key to its success. The CEO, Sarah Jordan, has a history in management consulting, financial services, and retail sectors. In addition, Sarah Jordan has worked in the retail sector and has developed an omnichannel strategy.

AI shopping optimization

AI shopping optimization for Mastermind Toys is driving sales growth. The toy retailer leverages Fast Simon AI shopping optimization technology to match shopper intent to unique product collections. Mastermind Toys is one of the nation’s largest specialty toy retailers. With AI tools, the specialty retailer has grown sales by 300% in one year. The company has also transformed its physical spaces into modern Woo-hoo HQs that blend the best of the physical and digital worlds.

Mastermind Toys’ AI shopping optimization platform helps the retailer eliminate common eCommerce search stumbles and match customers to unique product collections. The technology will play a major role in the company’s largest back-to-school collection, which will be launched this summer. Customers can discover new products thanks to AI. It helps the company better understand the intent of its customers and provides a personalized experience. AI shopping optimization is also useful for online stores that sell products in multiple countries.

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