Mastermind Toys Gets a Shopify Plus Certification

The company behind Mastermind Toys, which is based in Scarborough, Ontario, is Mastermind LP. Founded by Andy Levy and Jonathan Levy in 1984, the company is privately held by Birch Hill Private Equity. Founded by two businessmen with a passion for toy manufacturing, the company has been making toys for children for over 30 years. In fact, the company has over 600 employees. This diverse range of toys is sold throughout North America and Europe.


The Mastermind Toys company implemented the Nudge technology to transform associates into digital ambassadors to help customers navigate the brand’s various digital channels. The implementation of the Nudge enabled the company to bridge the gap between the in-store and online shopping experiences. By using the Nudge tool, associates were able to increase their knowledge about the brand’s Digital Ambassador program by 22%. This increased associate confidence and helped them support customers during the customer’s journey.

When Mastermind Toys implemented the Nudge platform in October 2020, store associates were able to share almost 9,000 best practices through a simple, fun-filled app. In the first two months, associates shared more than 1,500 ideas, including the curbside pickup program for unwanted toys and window displays during store closures. The company is also testing a new product, Nudge-enabled toys, to measure the impact on associates and sales performance.

The new product will enable employees to perform tasks consistently and confidently. Nudge is a mobile-first platform that incorporates guided task execution and two-way communications to make it easier for employees to complete tasks. Employees can also provide feedback on their work, which helps companies improve their customer experience. Moreover, Nudge rewards participation and helps achieve organizational goals. It’s no wonder that Nudge is used by leading brands.

Shopify Plus Certified Apps

If you’re looking for an app that makes your life easier, Shopify Plus has a program for you. The program’s Certified Apps meet stringent quality and performance standards. Certified Apps benefit from increased visibility and support from the Shopify Plus team. And of course, they come with a glowing Shopify Plus endorsement. Read on to learn more. Now, let’s talk about what it takes to get a Shopify Plus Certified App.

Among the many Shopify Plus Certified Apps for mastermind, Attentive is the most comprehensive text message marketing solution for modern Shopify brands. The service helps merchants increase revenue, encourage repeat purchases, and enhance the shopping experience. Loox was integrated with Shopify in 2015 and now powers over 500 online stores worldwide. The program is a win-win for both Shopify and merchants alike.

With the new online store, Mastermind Toys’ customers can now purchase toys online, schedule curbside pickup, and even add their own signature gift-wrapping to their orders. And with a suite of Shopify Plus Certified Apps, Mastermind Toys can offer an exceptional experience to customers, including personalized shopping, robust product search, and integration with the Perks loyalty program. With these features, Mastermind Toys is positioned to grow into a world-class omnichannel retail.

Artificial Intelligence

Mastermind Toys, Canada’s Authority on Play, has turned to AI to help them make smarter decisions. During the month of November, sales online increased by 10%. Despite facing increased competition from large retailers and online marketplaces, the toy store posted its best month ever. The company has reimagined its digital strategy and implemented four pillars:

The company’s mission is to make the toy industry more engaging and fun. The company has grown to 68 locations across Canada and believes that playing is children’s work and they want to give parents and children an unparalleled shopping experience. In addition to its extensive selection of toys, the company also offers unique gift wrapping and an omnichannel loyalty program. Mastermind Toys’ CEO, Sarah Jordan, approached the president of The Local Collective, to develop a way to engage parents and children in a new type of shopping experience.

The new Nudge platform enables store associates to share feedback in real-time with their peers. This app enables associates to identify problems, set and meet sales goals, and encourage other associates to become more innovative. In two months, associates shared nearly 9,000 ideas using the new AI-based solution, including curbside pickup for kids, and innovative window displays during store closures. This technology is designed to help retailers like Mastermind Toys get more value from every associate, and can increase sales by as much as 300%.

Contactless curbside pickup

The company’s recent contactless curbside pickup service has brought a new level of convenience to its customers. They can buy online, have their purchases delivered within one hour, and add their own signature gift wrapping. They can also chat with a store associate in real time to help make their shopping experience as easy as possible. Mastermind Toys was also looking to improve the customer experience further. Their new website allowed for live chat with store associates, and they’ve also integrated their loyalty program, Perks, into their digital store.

In addition to their contactless curbside pickup service, Mastermind Toys has a program called Inspired Educators. For those who are educators, they can use the program to receive daily in-store discounts, sneak peeks of new toys, and valuable offers. The program is part of the Perks program, which is available for free. To join, simply click here and sign up for the program.

The company has been a leader in the specialty toy industry in Canada for 37 years. Today, the company operates 68 stores across Canada, with locations in every province but Quebec. Their associates, known as Play Experts, are ready to offer guidance and advice to shoppers. With the company’s increased competition from online marketplaces and big-box retailers, Mastermind Toys needed to find a new way to digitally replicate their in-store delight.

World-class in-store experiences

In October 2020, Mastermind Toys introduced Nudge to associates in its stores. In less than two months, store associates shared 9,000 best practices and received 780 employee recognition pins and over 1,500 messages. This was during the company’s digital transformation. During this time, Mastermind Toys has introduced curbside pick-up and has implemented many digital innovations. This includes enabling associates to communicate in real-time with customers and fostering innovation.

The company’s CEO, Sarah Jordan, has decades of experience in the retail industry and has redefined the toy industry for the digital age. She joined the company shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, but a few years later, she was named CEO. Since she took the position in January 2020, Mastermind Toys has experienced significant growth. With its omnichannel offerings, Sarah Jordan’s vision for the company’s growth has become a reality.

In Canada, Mastermind Toys had its best November in 36 years. The brand was also affected by lockdowns in Ontario and Manitoba, which led to further retail capacity constraints during December. Although the pandemic had many negative consequences, Jordan’s vision and approach to leadership and culture change have paid off. According to Jordan, the brand transformation is a multi-year process, but the company is committed to see it through.

Customer-obsessed culture

A customer-obsessed culture is defined as an unwavering focus on the customer. This culture means that all departments must improve how they interact with customers. Some of the best examples of this culture are companies such as Disney, which has worked hard to develop world-class customer experiences by treating each guest as a VIP and training employees to provide excellent customer service. Disney has been able to maintain this customer-centric culture since its inception.

The customer-obsessed culture at Mastermind Toys starts with a culture of innovation. They launch new products in seasonal Play Guides and introduce Baby to their product line. The company has established a customer-focused culture and has empowered employees, referred to as “Play Experts,” to see industry trends and drive innovation. A culture of innovation, accountability, and customer focus has led to Mastermind Toys’ success.

Mastermind Toys’ customer-centric culture was also highlighted in their new Customer Experience Strategy. It has implemented new technologies, like social media, to make online shopping as easy and convenient as possible. The company also implemented an innovative digital strategy, which includes social media and video content. Customers now have the ability to shop online or in-store. The customer-obsessed culture helps Mastermind Toys deliver exceptional service to every customer and enhance the overall experience for the child.

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