Lumba Rakhi Meaning and Its Significance

As the Raksha Bandhan festival approaches, many questions remain unanswered in your mind. For example, what is Lumba Rakhi? What does rakhi Lumba mean? And more importantly, what is the meaning of Lumba rakhi? Dolphin means bracelet, which is a symbol of protection and security. If you want to know the meaning of Rakhi Lumba, then scroll down! Lumba rakhi means “loving friendship”. It is a symbol of faith and eternal love among sisters. Mothers or daughters tie string on wrist of other sister to symbolize the bond of sisterhood, which binds them together for all time.

When a sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, she also ties a rakhi on her Bhabhi’s wrist. The rakhi, tied around Bhabhi’s wrist, is called Lumba rakhi. Lumba, in the Marwari language, roughly translates to “bracelet.” Marwari or Marwadi is a Rajasthani dialect spoken in Marwar, the southwest region of Rajasthan, a state in northwestern India. Although there are some cultures in Gujarat where a sister ties rakhi on the wrists of her brother, sister-in-law and children, the tradition of Lumba rakhi originates from the Marwari culture. This ancient tradition in Marwari culture has now become a global rage.

Rakhi Lumba Designs

Lumba Rakhi is Rakhi for women. Rakhi Lumba make a unique way to express your love towards your loved ones. The rakhi lumba are normally worn with the rakhi on both hands so that they bind the relationship between you and your brother or sister, husband or wife. They symbolize the bond between you two which cannot be broken even if it takes a lifetime. Therefore, it naturally brings feelings of feminine attributes such as softness, color and warmth. Lumba rakhi designs are available in various attractive colors, sizes and designs. Usually, this rakhi consists of pendants, mirrors and bangle Lumba rakhi. They also have intricate embroidery and beautiful red, green, and blue shades. This rakhi is slimmer, more refined and sensual than other rakhi.

Lumba Rakhis- The Meaning and Significance

Now that you know why Lumba rakhi appeared, let’s discuss the meaning of this rakhi. After all, these rakhis play an important role in keeping the tradition.

One of the reasons the Lumba rakhis has become a popular choice in most households is the deep affection and meaning it represents. As the Bhabhi’s wrists are decorated with Lumba rakhi, she feels like an important part of the family. So it helps strengthen his general bond with the rest of the family. This rakhi not only shows you that she is a part of the family but also tells you that this is her home too.

The gesture of tying the Lumba rakhi also affects the married life he experiences with his partner, your brother. In this way, enrich your sister-in-law’s relationship with your brother. Lumba Rakhi not only unites families but also channels as a healthy matchmaker.

Lumba Rakhi has significant spiritual significance -because a toxic environment for women surrounding the world brings joy, care, protection, equality, belonging, compassion, brotherhood and, most importantly, makes your bhabhi feel safe and happy in the environment. where it is. It also signifies a long life of marital happiness and protects relationships.

Meaning of Lumba Rakhi

The usual ritual of tying a rakhi Lumba is followed in Rajasthan and northern India. Luma Rakhi argues that the family will always protect the sister-in-law. This rakhi strengthens the bond between sister and sister-in-law, and they fall in love with Lumba rakhi. Also called Bhabhi Rakhi, this magnificent rakhi strengthens married couples’ bonds.

Rakhi Lumba has gained a lot of popularity and trend nowadays. You can easily order beautiful Lumba Rakhi online and celebrate your bond with your sister-in-law on your D-Day. There are various types of Lumba Rakhi in the market, such as Meenakari Lumba Rakhi, Kalamkari Lumba Rakhi, Pearl Lumba Rakhi, etc. You can even get gifts for your sister-in-law, such as glass vase flower arrangements, cakes, greeting cards, etc., along with rakhi to celebrate the festival like never before!

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