Long and McQuade Music Stores

The Long and McQuade store is 13500 square feet and will sell everything you need to become a professional musician. You can also get lessons in any instrument you like, or rent one. You can also get financing for any purchases. The Long and McQuade store is family-owned and operated, with the owners being involved with serving Canadian musicians since 1956. The goal of the store is to meet the needs of all music enthusiasts in one convenient location.

Business model

Long & McQuade Ltd. operates a chain of retail music stores in Canada. The company rents and sells band instruments, provides financing for purchasing them, and repairs them. The company also offers repair services throughout Canada. Jack Long, the founder, never had an idea that he’d be running a business. He died from cancer 11 years later. Although Long & McQuade has grown to be one of Canada’s biggest music retail chains, the business model remains largely unchanged.

The business model of Long & McQuade relies on an eclectic mix of marketing methods. For example, Long & McQuade runs a direct mail campaign of 250,000 copies in June. For this year, the company isn’t mailout a catalogue, but will mail a 200-page catalog in September. It’s unclear how long these efforts will pay off. In addition, the company is having trouble replacing business lost in September.


With a solid history of serving big names, Long and McQuade can expect to continue serving this diverse and demanding clientele. In fact, Neil Peart purchased his drum set from the store before the first tour of Rush. And, since the store’s founder, Bill Long, is a jazz aficionado, the company has seen many changes in jazz and other genres. Despite the recent decline in sales, Long and McQuade remains a reliable source for musical instruments in Canada. He was even awarded an Order of Canada in 2014. The company has consistently achieved success by combining common sense, intuition, and charity to make its success possible.

Located at 3313 Danforth Ave., Long and McQuade’s Langford store will offer everything from sheet music to instruments to music lessons. The store will also provide financing for purchases. The store is family owned and operated, and the owners have been serving Canadian musicians since 1956. They always focus on the needs of their customers. In addition to their mission of serving local musicians, the store also offers a community-focused environment with free entertainment, food, and giveaways.

Privacy policy

The Privacy Policy for Long & McQuade is a key document that every online user should read. It explains the company’s approach to privacy, outlines what the company does with user information, and outlines the terms under which this information is collected and used. There are many other important documents included in this privacy statement, too. For example, you can read the company’s history, how the company started, and details about its header quarters. You’ll also learn about the company’s industry listing and its technology stack.

Direct mail campaigns

Long & McQuade has grown to 90 locations across the country and now boasts two massive direct mail campaigns per year. The first campaign, of 250,000 copies, was mailed out in June. This year, Long & McQuade decided not to mail out direct mail or a catalog, but will still publish a 200-page catalog in the fall. But how can they replace the September business they lost?

A successful direct mail campaign will have eye-catching copy that clearly conveys what the business is offering. It should also contain a clear call to action. Even if it is only a postcard, minor grammatical or formatting errors can damage your brand’s image. Remember that quality of your product or service is reflected in how you conduct business. So, do not leave any room for mistakes, even minor ones. Always proofread your work before sending it out.


Working at Long and McQuade can be both fun and rewarding, but be sure you enjoy your work. Although the company has some of the best management in the music accessory and lessons business, there are also some bad apples. This article will explain how to stay out of trouble while working at Long & McQuade. If you’re interested in a career in music, read on to learn more about what it’s like to work at this prestigious retailer.

The pay scale at Long and McQuade varies from year to year, but average salaries range from C$30,143 to C$58,266. Sales associates earn the most, with an average salary of C$34,769. Overall, employees at Long & McQuade are satisfied with their compensation. According to our research, Long & McQuade employees are happy with their pay.

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