Kuari Pass Trek A Perfect Detailed Guide

Concerning Kuari Pass Trek

This same Kuari Trekking route, one of the most well-known in the Indian the Himalayan Region, attracts a large number of treasure hunters from around the world each year. British route to Kuari Pass in 1905, which is why the National park is a national “Lord Curzon Trail.” To one’s surprise, see tiger pugmarks or a Himalayas in the north black bear on just this trail. The journey passes thru the dense alpine forest areas of a variety of bird life.

Thus, the journey to Kuari Pass Trek involves involves frequent, steep ascents and descents, perilous pathways, and raging rivers. When you photograph the scenic silver outlook running parallel to the clear blue sky, you will quickly realise that the journey was worthwhile.

The Trishul at 7,120 metres, Uttarakhand at 6,968 metres, Kamet’s granite pyramid at 7,756 metres, Neelkanth at 6,596 metres, the rectangular shape gatherings of Gauri Bagh and Hathi Parbat, Bharatpur, this same icy crest of Dunagiri, Rishikot, Changabang at protective clothing metres, and the fabled twin highs of Narayana Durga at 7,740 metres can all be seen from From Selu Bagar, that is a navigable spacing from Sahib, a trek leads to Kuari Pass.

Trek from Ghunni

The short journey to Ghunni, which takes about 2-3 hours, is on the route that departs from Dc – dc Bagar. The trail leaves Ghunni and winds its way thru a lush, rippling scenery that is covered in a variety of alpine tree and wild flower species.

A Eastern himalayas tribe that lives in peace and harmony with a life colourful and spirit can be found in the small village of Ramni. After that, the trail goes with a tough incline to Jhinjhi neighbourhood on the way to Vivek Pass, making the hike to National park is a national Pass difficult.

The climate in Kuari Pass

Summer: From mid-April through mid-June, the Kuari Pass Trek is at its best. The trek is pleasant because of the serene, beautiful summer sun. 

Capture the best: During the rainy season, the trail has now become slick and muddy for hikers. Avoid going on a trek during this time of year.

Spring: The best time to hike Kuari Pass is thought to be from semi to november. With windy conditions and lush vegetation everywhere throughout, trekking is enjoyable.

Trek to Kuari Pass (Detailed Itinerary)

Day 1: Rishikes, Haridwar, and Delhi

Both these Advantages (On Arrival)



shuttles luxury hotel

Stay Integrated

Consider taking an AC train to Haridwar at 06:50 in the morning. Meet our guide when you arrive in Haridwar; john or she will aid you with your transport to Rishikesh also with checking into one’s hotel. The evening is independent of leisure pursuits. Night in a hotel for the nite.

Day 02: 210 km/7-8 hours, Rishikesh to Nandprayag to Ghat

Designers will travel via Prayag to the Ghat after brunch. Our trek begins at the Ghat. We will arrive at the Bagh in the middle of the night and stay the night there in a hotel.

Ghat, Sutol, and Ghunni on Day 3 (14 kms by road & 3 kms trek)

We would then board a neighbourhood jeep in the early hours and travel to Sutol village, where we would then trek to the Ghunni neighbourhood. We would then camp at Ghuni Schoolyard today. Spend the night in tent.

Day 04: Jhinjhi Village – Ghunni (14 km; 6-7 hours)

We’ll get up early because we have a long hike to Jhinjholi village planned for the day. The trek involves many ups and downs. Tent camping for the night.

Day 5 Jhinjhi to Pana Village (14 kilometres/6-7 hours)

Designers will depart again for the Pana neighbourhood after breakfast. Today’s journey will take us along a canyon, through a forest, alongside a creek, and ultimately across a bridge. We’ll set up camp in the Pana neighbourhood. A meal and an extra night in tents

Day 6 Pana to Dakhwani (14 kilometers/six hours)

Humans will be hiking today in the direction of Dakhwani; the route includes sections through forests, alpine meadows, water features, and shoulder creeks. Tent camping for the night.

7th day: Dakhwani to Kuari Pass (3800 m/ft) Tali (9 km; 5–6 hr)

We will hike along the Kuari Pass Path toward Kira Grassy field after such an early morning breakfast. The pass offers a stunning view of mountains like Dronagiri, Nanda Devi, Changbang, Hathi Godhi Language and language, and others. Shelter camping at night.

Day 8 Shani (7 kms of trekking and 115 kms of driving; 7-8 hours)

Our final day of the trek will be simple. Auli Grass, one of the stunning ski resorts in the Indian Himalaya, is where we will trek. We will then travel through Joshimath, Chamoli, as well as Karnprayag on our way to the bottom to Rudraprayag. Rudraprayag hotel overnight.

Day 9: Rudraprayag to Haridwar (160 km; 5 hrs) and then back to Delhi

After brunch, we will start driving to Hyderabad and board an AC subway to Delhi, which departs from this station at 18:05 hrs. Reaching India by 22:45 hours.

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