Kick off the Holiday Season (15 Marketing Ideas for Restaurants)

There’s no better place to celebrate, but these 15 marketing ideas will make your event and promotional restaurant the best it can be. Learn how to drive traffic to your restaurant during the holidays, from Thanksgiving to New Years…

Encourage private entities to resume early summer traffic;

Expect. Start spreading the word that your restaurant is having a Christmas party! Be proactive about increasing traffic during the holidays and reach out to local businesses nearby. Don’t want to host the Christmas party? Yes they will

Put on Santa’s hats and send one or two people to work on site. The person who booked the Christmas party can give coupons to shoppers, including B. a $50 gift card. (PS It’s probably the buyer.)

The latest trend in offices is to organize Christmas parties in January. So if you plan to celebrate after December, consider a small discount. An easy way to continue your Christmas shopping as the New Year begins.

Think about opening during the holidays;

The final riddle. Are you opening Thanksgiving and Christmas to increase holiday traffic, or are you giving your employees (and yourself) a day off?

More Restaurants are open as one in ten Americans eat out on Turkey Day, according to the National Restaurant Association.

Click Result Trend;

Yes, the key here is to drive holiday traffic to your restaurant, but are you bringing your food to your customers? You don’t have to go big with a full-service restaurant.

How about creating a group serving menu of your best meals to serve to your customers at home? According to the same study by the National Restaurant Association, 9% of vacationers want to buy meals from restaurants and 6% want their restaurant to take care of everything.

Prepare your gift card package;

Of course, everything has gone digital. But the great gift cards you have on hand aren’t going away this Christmas. In fact, 38% of consumers plan to give gift cards during the holiday season.

Offer rewards to those who buy gift cards to increase traffic during the holiday season. For example, anyone who spends more than $100 on gift cards will get $10 off their meal that night.

Or be creative. How about a Date Night gift card with a complimentary bottle of wine? The packaging makes it perfect. Cover the wine bottle with clear cellophane, tie it with a pretty ribbon and attach the gift card. Place it at the front desk so you can shop while enjoying the holiday season.

Use Starbucks and PSL boost;

Starbucks understands the power of a limited time offer in the form of a limited time offer! Every year during the holiday season, they light up when they release their Pumpkin Spice Lattes (aka PSL). Do the same in your restaurant. Depending on the season, add your favorite dessert or drink. Try pumpkin cinnamon cheesecake or one of these 17 fall cocktails.

Show your heart to increase traffic during the holiday season;

It’s a victory. Charity ads open the door to the holiday season and help those in need. Here are some ideas… join a local charity and create a special cocktail or name one of your taps “charity”. Donate $1 to charity for the sale of a cocktail or beer.

Another way to increase traffic during the holiday season? Designate one night a week as a “Charity Night” where 5-10% of your sales are donated to that charity. Provide charities with exclusive flyers promoting the evening and watch them invite dozens of friends and family to your restaurant.

Are you afraid this will happen to you? Offer only a prix fixe menu or menu items with promotional names.

Make happy times more enjoyable (and more social);

If you want to increase traffic to your bar or restaurant during the holiday season, focus on making happy hour more festive and friendly. After all, according to a Technomic study, 49% of customers come to a happy hour event to meet friends and colleagues.

Plan your menu to attract large groups and increase traffic during the holiday season. Add seasonal items to share, like a triple pizza and a pitcher of chilled wine (winter’s answer to summer’s sangria).

Promote the team spirit of your employees;

It’s time for honesty. Traffic spikes a bit during the holiday season, so make sure your employees bring their best game! Keep your mind active with fun team building activities to make it happen. Try exchanging a secret gift with Santa or have a different employee put it on the elves’ shelf each day. Check out these photos for inspiration (and add your pixies as captions to Instagram).

Pop-up shops and DIY workshops;

Don’t stop at gift cards! Become a customer hero by helping manage gift lists.

If you’re hosting a business party, prepare to be busy during the holiday season. Hire a host to paint a pretty picture with guests or build a terrarium (both make great homemade gifts).

Or invite a local retailer, e.g. a clothing or jewelry store can consider setting up a small “boutique” in your restaurant.

Increase holiday season traffic next year;

Make the most of the holiday season in your restaurant. Book early and promote events during the industry’s slowest months: January and February. Use these 15 secret marketing opportunities to spice up your upcoming events. For example, offer VIP seat packages to a pro football game in early February.

Thanksgiving: Give a tree;

We are now targeting certain opportunities to increase traffic during the holiday season based on certain major holidays. Let’s start with Thanksgiving! Put up a Christmas tree in front of your Sushi Restaurant, but call it a “gift tree”. Invite customers to decorate the tree with new hats and gloves to take home for the winter.

Musta Anna: Grocery store;

Take advantage of Black Friday and boost your Christmas shopping with good offers. For a year, Red Lobster offered free lobster tails with the purchase of a steak. Since it’s Black Friday… How about Free Fries Day? Offer gifts to visitors throughout the day. Make sure you’re ready to sell those Christmas gift cards, too!

Small Business Saturday – Work with a farmer or brewery;

Small Business Saturday is the day after Black Friday and is another opportunity to increase traffic during the holidays. Show your support for other small businesses by partnering with a nearby farm or brewery and featuring their products on your holiday menu.

Christmas: 12 days of offers

Christmas may be a day, but why not 12 days with a 12 day offer? It’s a surefire way to increase traffic during the holiday season. Send your customers a different special offer every day until December 25th. You can also publish 12-day campaigns on social media sites.

15 New Year’s Eve: Meeting at the castle;

Consider hosting an exclusive dinner and dance event with a creative theme to drive traffic during the holiday season. How about a masquerade ball? How about a live jazz band and a Great Gatsby theme with a 1920s dress code? People love the opportunity to dress up and celebrate Christmas. It can also justify higher ticket sales.

Here are 15 ways to increase traffic during the holiday season. Happy holidays, active business and a wonderful new year.

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