Is migrating your website to VPS from shared hosting challenging?

Migrating your website to VPS – It is pretty common among online businesses to make a start with shared hosting. Then, when the time comes, they upgrade to VPS servers to get more resources and excellent performance without spending much like a dedicated server. You might already know that migrating your website to VPS isn’t easy as you are staking your files, databases, and data on the risk. So it would be preferably best if you hire a skilled company providing VPS Hosting in Malta to assist with your site migration.

However, many geeks are more interested in handling such matters themselves, so here we have discussed the migration process in detail. There are three approaches for migration to VPS to start with.

Using a Control Panel 

The users can use a control panel as many web hosts are already using control panels to manage the shared servers. Thankfully, the control panel has the features like backup and restoration of all that is associated with a live and functional website. So your shared hosting web host will definitely have a backup of your website. In case it isn’t a current copy, you can ask the host to backup your site completely to the date. It will help you start from where you left last time without any data and functionality loss.

Now, when you are setting your VPS server, make sure to install the same control panel on your new server. Using the restore option will aid in configuring and installing the website with a few clicks. Any one of the cPanel, Plesk, VestaCP, Webmin, Virtualmin, DirectAdmin, to name a few, can be your chosen control panel for the migration. However, following the selected control panel, one might need to use the IP address of the VPS server by updating the site website configuration.

When you are done with the website configuration and installation, the next step is to change the DNS settings. DNS is a shortened form of the Domain Name System. It is precisely the Internet phonebook to streamline access to online information through domain names.

So here, in this step, you have to update the DNS entries to point them to your newly configured VPS server. By now, you have completed the process of migrating your website to VPS.

Without a Control Panel

The next method is the manual approach in case your shared server host doesn’t use a control panel. The steps are almost the same. However, it’s just that here you have to do each task yourself, unlike the control panel. So start by creating your website back up and remember to copy each and every file, email, and database. After that, mostly exporting the database data work. It might be difficult but do not make any mistake, or you might lose any important product. Afterward, move on to your new VPS server to configure the website and database(s) by recreating it. Now add files to your website directory on the new server will be easier. So after configuration recreation, add the web files.

Afterward, dash ahead for importing the database data, but before your server should be an optimal environment fulfilling all requirements. For instance, you might need webserver software manual installation Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc. Whichever way you select, be vigilant around all the technicalities; otherwise, troubles and errors can badly affect your website. When needed, you can update the database connection strings and system paths to match the new environment. Afterward, upload your website content and change the DNS entries by pointing them to your new VPS server with sims 1 download.

Let the web hosting company migrate your site. 

As we already mentioned above that unless you are a tech expert or know how to use a control panel, you can’t move your website easily. Even manual process itself is a back-wrecking process. So asking the web host to help is the best bet to walk with. Also, it is the third method for smoothly migrating your website to VPS. VPS Hosting in Sydney team experts provides extensive help for the users looking forward to migrating the website to VPS. The tech specialists take care of every task from backup to new server configuration. Eventually, you can start working with your website without any hesitations.

Navicosoft with multi-location VPS servers stays at your disposal to let you upgrade to the right VPS plans to streamline your online business website performance. In addition, it offers free website migration services to make everything smooth all challenges for the users.

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